Neocon Norman Praises Bush, Wants More War

The neocon Norman Podhoretz has just "authored" a new book called WORLD WAR IV (I'm not linking to it, sorry) wherein he argues stupidly for a continuous Bush-like war against Muslim "Islamofascists." From The New York Times:

[Podhoretz] declares that the current Iraq war is only one front (Iran being another) in what he calls “World War IV,” a “long struggle against Islamofascism,” which like the cold war (the one he counts as “World War III”), “will almost certainly go on for three or four decades.”

And more:

Mr. Podhoretz, who last summer called upon President Bush to use military force to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear arsenal, writes in these pages of all the “progress” that is being made in neighboring Iraq, embraces the Bush administration’s aggressive policy of pre-emption and asserts that George W. Bush will one day be recognized “as a great president,” an heir not just to Truman but to Lincoln as well.

Besides being moronic, his view of the anti-terrorist strategy and Bush is as near to insane as you can get. How can you argue with such utter tripe without getting slop on you? This is neoconism gone deep end, so deep end that every neocon with an IQ greater than 20 should rebel and question their religion.

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