Air Evac Lifeteam Supporter Goes on Internet To Defend Their Greed

Thank you Christy G., whoever you really are (an employee of Air Evac Lifeteam or the CEO's mistress?) for coming so rapidly and logically to the defense of your company and the masssive debt they inflict on people hapless enough to be hoisted by them into the air for a few minutes.

Christy G., we can find your argument here at the Rushville Truth blog, but I'll summarize the most important points you make, points made time and time again by health care greed-mongers all over the world, from pharmaceutical executives to heart doctors to employees of Air Evac Lifeteam: WHAT IS YOUR LIFE WORTH?

Arguably, even a simple trip to your internist for a check up is worth MILLIONS since it might potentially reveal a cancer or a condition that is life threatening--kinda like an Air Evac Lifeteam ride on one of their debt choppers. If you didn't let them chopper you for $17,000.00 for 30 minutes or so, you might not make it to the hospital in time to save your life--assuming of course, it is a life threatening condition. And what if it is?

Is your life not worth more than $17,000.00 for a 30 minute ride?

I ask you! C'mon, AEL is doing you a huge favor for only charging you such a small sum to save your life. Really, a far less compassionate managerial culture might well charge $250,000.00 or even half a million, or even MILLIONS. After all, WHAT IS YOUR LIFE WORTH?

That is the true measure, isn't it, Christy G.? As long as you and other health care sociopaths remain in control of costs, we are assured that not only will they balloon to cosmic proportions served with a side of self-serving LIFE WORTH logic, but that in a very short time, only a tiny percent of Americans will be able to afford such costs. And once that happens, Christy G., you and all your buddies will still be sailing high, sure, cause then you'll be charging a quarter million for a single 30 minute ride, cause there must be enough super rich getting in accidents to keep stock prices at growth levels, eh?

Oh, and btw, if Medicare is stupid enough to subsidize Air Evac Lifeteam costs with American taxpayer money, then it's only because your lobbyists made sure it happened.

And we're all so happy that you, Christy G., and your AEL exec buddies are humane in your approach to collections. How many innocent and hapless Americans have you saddled with outrageous debt in the name of WHAT IS YOUR LIFE WORTH?

No, Christy G., you are obviously posturing for the Air Evac Lifeteam management team at corporate headquarters. I hope you get a raise for your efforts, or at least a Christmas bonus.


  1. Anonymous10:47 PM

    AEL's single person membership is $50/year, $55 for 2 people and for a household of 3 or more, $60. The membership fee covers any unpaid balance from your Insurance Company. If AEL was heartless and only operating from GREED, memberships might be a little more than $50...or are they saying your life is worth only $50?

    I don't think it's very fair to trash Air Evac, their main job is to save our lives...and I for one live in a rural area, and if i am seriusly injured - i'll have them fly me to a trauma center - and let my $50 pay for itself a few thousand times over.

  2. Anonymous6:49 AM

    In 2005, I signed up as a lifetime member to air evac. In march of 2010, my wife suffered an anuerism, and I called air evac from my home. I was told to call 911, I insisted on an ambulance, and the next thing I knew, I was put on hold, and the dispatcher had called 911. I carried my wife out to the car and rushed her to the hospital, they confirmed the anuerism. I called air evac and told them that this had been confirmed, and I still needed to fly my wife to a larger hospital with a trauma center. The dispatcher said, "I need to hear that from an RN". I asked when they would be there, and he said the flight to this hospital would take 35 minutes.
    The nurse called the same number 5 minutes later, and was told that the flight would take 55 minutes. The hospital ordered a helicopter from Springfield, and it was there in 20 minutes.
    3 days later the air evac director of communications called me tp apologogize for the poor service I had received. I then asked her why they time went from 35 to 55 minutes. She responded "The pilot said it would take 20 minutes to fuel up the helicopter."
    The fact is, that even if you have a membership with air evac, they will fly you for free, but will then bill you for every bandaid, every strip of gauze, and every possible medical procedure that they can perform while you are on that ambulance. It's a scam!