100 Days of Spin - FactCheck.Org on Barack Obama's False Statements Made For Political Gain

My dear dems, this is a must for those of you who actually care more about your nation than the worship of idols. Here is undeniable proof of President Obama playing VERY fast and loose with the facts, not unlike W himself. Yes, I'm sorry, don't crucify me. Judge for yourself.

... we find that the president has occasionally made claims that put him and his policies in a better light than the facts warrant. He has claimed that private economists agreed with the forecast in his budget, when they were really more pessimistic. He's used Bush-like budget-speak trying to sound frugal while raising spending to previously unimagined levels. And he has exaggerated the problems his proposals aim to cure by misstating facts about school drop-out rates and oil imports ... [more]

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