Kathy Caprino of Forbes Props the "Glass Cliff" Myth, Thereby Satisfying the Need for Women as Victims Regardless of Circumstances

What is Kathy Caprino thinking when she fails to question or comment intelligently on the so-called existence of "The Glass Cliff?"

Please read Kathy Caprino's article in Forbes then return here and the paragraph of critique below will make a lot more sense.

The Glass Cliff inventors, Ryan and Haslam, are academics transparently looking to create results that will get them publicity. 97% of CEOs in the U.S. are male, leaving only a tiny percent of female. CEO turnover is a fact of life, women or no women. Many get appointed, many fail, and for a complex and huge variety of circumstantial, personal, and political reasons. To take any number of women who "failed" and manufacture a "glass cliff" excuse is not only to absolve them of responsibility, it's an act of intellectual dishonesty that infers an absurd patriarchal conspiracy at work. 

For example, the case of Bartz at Yahoo in the Forbes article by Kathy Caprino neglects to note that other leaders had failed before she got there, and they were all men! They "failed" just like she did because the Yahoo circumstances are crazy and entrenched. The place was hemorrhaging talent. But if you subtract the Bartz case from its context and apply the "glass cliff" overlay of Ryan and Haslam while at the same time making lies of omission, you create a false case that appears to support the Glass Cliff assertions of the academics.

Btw, here is Kathy Caprino's bio:
"Greetings! I'm a women's career success coach, leadership trainer, author and speaker dedicated to the advancement of women. My career consulting firm, Ellia Communications, offers a wide array of resources, programs, and courses to help you "dig deep, discover your right work, and illuminate the world with it." I'm also a former corporate VP and trained therapist and have worked with over 10,000 professionals globally. Along with Forbes, I contribute to Huffington Post, LinkedIn, and my own blog. For help to build your happiest career, feel free to visit There, you'll find my book Breakdown, Breakthrough, my online course The Amazing Career Project, my Amazing Career Certification training for coaches, my weekly podcast Best Work/Best Life, and other free Career tools, quizzes, and assessments. Visit and for more info."
"Dedicated to the advancement of women"? How, Kathy? By giving credence to intellectual fraud that transparently attempts to make women into victims even after they've succeeded to positions of great responsibility? 

Isn't this telling us women that even if we succeed we fail? If we're given challenging work to turn things around we will be ousted by the patriarchy as part of a conspiratorial scheme? And if not the patriarchy, then who precisely is behind all these meany old firings of wonderfully competent women who should never have been fired if it weren't for... THE GLASS CLIFF?

Again, hundreds of men have been fired over the past few decades for PRECISELY THE SAME REASONS. 

It's part of the job. Grow up! 

And everybody, please ignore those social media feminists who make us into 24/7 victims for their own gain.

btw, my post over on Think Progress and Huffington Post on the so-called Glass Cliff. I'm sick and tired of woman-as-victim studies that avoid the facts and make us all look foolish:

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