Bush Pushes $700 Billion Bail-out Plan -- Just When We Thought He Could Not Get More Ruinous or Foolish - Shine Perishing Democracy!

The last biggest lie of George Bush Jr with regards to the $700 billion corporate welfare package for fellow Republican golfers in the predatory financial industry:

"And that over time, we're going to get a lot of the money back."

Kinda like NAFTA, eh? Another crock of outrageous poop from the Republican party and George Bush Jr. Another instance of the corporate Democrats knuckling under. And Obama? Are you kidding? Do you really think he will stand up to this historical rape of the American wallet? ... No, really, we're talking mega-criminal activity here on a scale never before seen. This is the result of the insurance the financials bought with all their political contributions over the years ... or should I say, bribes? Don't fool yourself.

Also, this is an historic opportunity outside of the Iraq War to so strain the budget as to force deep and permanent cuts in social programs, social security, and everything else mainstream Republicans hate.

Also, it is an opportunity to keep press focused on a Republican plan to HELP AMERICA just before a pivotal presidential election. (Will McCain whore himself out to this also?)

And, oh, um, what happened to supply side economics? This "bailout" is going to terribly burden all Americans with large-scale, ruinous taxes. And for what??? To give free money to a pack of Wall Street speculators and scoundrels who should be learning a big lesson? It's not a matter of IF, only a matter of WHEN. The politicians are avoiding the consequences, and hiding, depending on the usual media schizophrenia to confuse the issue, as well as the American penchant for ADD, and the formidable skills of their Big Lie marketing teams to rescue them from the consequences of reality.

The Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA) put it best in call to protest the bailout:

It is clear that the Federal Reserve and the Administration continue to blame homeowners facing hard financial difficulties in making payments on mortgages that were structured to fail, while using billions of taxpayer dollars to bailout the same predators who created this mortgage crisis and have hugely profited from it. The Federal Reserve’s orchestration of JPMorgan/Chase’s takeover of Bear Stearns with taxpayer dollars is an outrage.