More Hypocrisy From The Messiah Force? Obama Appoints Top Defense Lobbyist William Lynn to Powerful Number Two at Pentagon!

First Ron Klain, then others, and now the biggest face slap of all: William Lynn, the supreme darling lobbyist of none other than top defense contractor RAYTHEON appointed to be number two man at the Defense Department--easily one of the most powerful jobs in Washington.

According to White House spokesman Robert Gibbs: "Reasonable exceptions" granted for "uniquely qualified individuals."

Oh, this macho prick of Obama's holy world of can-do-no-wrong is certainly qualified! How much more ANIMAL FARM can we get guys and gals? Well, let's see. Brace yourselves, Obama-loving followers of the holy temple. According to Huffington Post:

Raytheon is no mom-and-pop defense contractor shop. It is the type of industry behemoth that protesters of the Iraq invasion bemoaned for profiting off of the war and encouraging militarization. And as the man who led "the company's strategic planning and [oversaw] the government relations activity," Lynn was intimately involved.

A former employee of DFI International -- a D.C. consulting firm -- Lynn joined Raytheon in August 2002 and was elected an officer in May 2005. The firm and its subsidiaries are a major force on Capitol Hill, having spent more than $14.5 million on federal lobbying activities during the six years Lynn was working there, according to a review of lobbying records. Raytheon worked to lobby the House, Senate, DARPA, Defense Department, Energy Department, Treasury Department, State Department, and others on issues ranging from long-range guided munitions, sea based missile defense and joint standoff weapon systems.

The government outreach efforts seemed to pay dividends. Raytheon Company received more than $54 billion in contracts from the federal government during that time period, according to, a project of OMB Watch.

If this appointment of the lobbyist's lobbyist, William Lynn, doesn't prove that Obama and his apostles in the White House are as close to frauds as you can get, I don't know what does.

You go by the rules, even when it gets tough, or they count for nothing!


What's Wrong with Chris Matthews? "Bad form," he says. Why Does He Deny Americans the Right to Demonstrate Their Loathing of Bush?

"Bad form!" Chris Matthews says in the background as you watch the video below, as you watch Bush come before his fellow Americans at the Obama inauguration. And again, "Bad form." Matthews is getting angrier by the moment, or at least, more sanctimonious. Another announcer can be heard expressing his surprise.

What planet do these talking heads live on? Is this yet another example of our darling media being divorced from reality, and more importantly, from the mainstream feelings of most of America?

So it's the inauguration? What of it? George Bush so devastated this country in so many ways that he's lucky to leave alive. In other countries they would have stormed the White House and executed him. How can we not respond to the vision and presence of the sociopath Bush with contempt and loathing?

Unlike the sanctimonious Chris Matthews who cries Bad Form, I think it a sign of incredible restraint that the open hatred of Bush did not take on a more violent and enduring tone. It should have!

Congrats to the Americans who had the nerve to boo at Bush. Thank you all!

And BAD FORM, Chris!


Is This View by Obama a Bit Mushy, Fuzzy-Wuzzy, or Just Foolish? Is He Really Saying Reagan Was Preferable To Clinton?

I find his viewpoints concerning the election of Reagan to be abstract, almost academic in nature, rather than based in hard reality. The America of that time was simply fed up with Carter's failures. Reagan, for most of the campaign, was considered a joke. Whatever, it's classic Obama, a guy who loves to hear himself talk.


Obama Inauguration Party Planners Budget $45 Million Acquired From Wall Street and The Wealthy Elite of America

Remember the days of Madison and Jefferson? The parties on the White House lawn, composed of all types of Americans, from clerks to diplomats? Remember Dolley Madison cordially welcoming all Americans to her house, regardless of their wealth or status, simply because they were fellow Americans who shared her vision for democracy?

Well, of course you don't!

In those days, our Founders shunned anything that imitated the corruption and vanity of the European courts, the fabulous, glittering, absurdly expensive elite parties wherein only the most wealthy and influential could participate, i.e., those most suited by virtue of their positions to rub shoulders with the King and Queen, not to mention their teams of court lackeys and sycophants.

One can't help but call to mind the bumbling and arrogant aristocrats of France on the eve of the French Revolution; and that image in turn recalling some of the wealthiest on the Titanic who refused to believe the ship could sink even while it was sinking.

Now, 2009 America. Has American democracy evolved? Our shining new Democracy with our shining new god, Barack Obama, whose closest circle of newly appointed staff and cabinet officials will only shoulder-rub with a party list consisting exclusively of America's elite, from Wall Street bankers (who received or who will receive bail-out money!) to ridiculously wealthy actors.

Is this Obama inauguration an indicator of true democracy? Is Obama akin to the great American leaders he so often attempts to imitate?

Where are the special meetings and parties and balls packed floor to ceiling with America's best, you know, the thinkers, teachers, philosophers, authors, scientists, and artists? Where? There just isn't room. Or what about a few balls and parties for representatives of Americans who have lost their jobs or whose kids have died pointlessly in Iraq? What about them? Or what about the firemen, construction workers, plant employees, carpenters, etc.? Those poor bastards. Why don't they get a chance to sip a martini and talk in the ear of an Obama staffer, or God help us, even the president himself?


Democracy of 2009 must first entertain the real estate moguls, the $10,000-a-plate lobbyists, the flashy media darlings, the whores of Wall Street and the silicone-injected tramps of Hollywood, and so on, as well as all other manner of "mover and shaker" that might benefit the Obama image in the future ... Yes, no time, no room for anyone else. In order for Obama to serve the country, he must first and always serve himself.


Get with it! Be realistic. Stop your whining! He is better than Bush, right?

And don't come back at me with the money Bush spent on his parties. What do you expect from that cretin? We expected more from the Democrat man of change during a severe, job-killing recession in a country that is steadily growing the largest and most unreasonable debt in world history. Oh, and don't throw "little people" photo ops in my face and point to those examples of Obama shoulder-rubbing with the less fortunate.

Please stop living in the fantasy world of high school civics class. If we expect more from President Obama, then he should deliver more. He should restore true democracy, not further mire it in the politics of elitism.



While the Crowds Swoon Over Obama's Speech, I Can't Help But Look For the Change. What change? What's the Plan?

Has America as a whole become so accustomed to misinformation, bullshit, and hypocrisy that it becomes blind when its brand new "leader for change" creates an enormous act of BS hypocrisy right before their very eyes? How about more than one? So where is the change?

Is Obama really a human being, or an alien with the power to suck minds free of all reason? For God sakes, I know intelligent people who are Obama hajj-ing at this moment, even if they're not in D.C. In dreams, they pilgrimage to the gaudy shrine of Obama, but the rebound marriage of America to Mr. Obama appears headed for divorce within two years at most. That is my prediction.

So let's deal with facts. He swoops around the country decrying the FEAR politics of the past, encouraging HOPE, but even before he becomes president, he opts to keep the Homeland Security agency, the bureaucratic infrastructure of red-level fear designed by the Bush administration to not only spike the loose cannons in FBI and CIA (to make certain they bowed and scraped to Bush), but to keep Americans in a constant state of anxiety. Why doesn't Obama eradicate this toxic animal? Why? Why? He's smart enough to know the true nature of it. Why is he keeping this horrid relic of the Bush years (along with Gates at DOD!)? Where is the change? What is the change?

Not many months ago he told Christian churches he would continue subsidizing them, and even give them more money. Where is the change? What is the change?

On the campaign trail, Obama was anti war, but what is the plan to get us out of Iraq? It's iffy and nebulous, susceptible to vacillation at a moment's notice. Where is the change? What is the change? Why isn't Obama decrying our bogus war with Iraq? He's way way too quiet on the subject. As we all know, I'm in favor of prosecuting Bush and Cheney for murder. Obama hangs out with the sociopath Bush and they grin and slap backs like old war buddies. It's enough to make me hurl! Is this the kind of government we want? Is this let-bygones-be-bygones attitude by Obama towards the nation-killing, Treasury-sucking, war mongering, world polluting George Bush Jr., the kind of attitude we wish Americans to adopt going forward?
If you don't pay all your taxes, you are punished by the government. But if the president goes on a sociopathic killing and looting spree, along with his train of pirates, the country does nothing? It only elects a man who will act cozy with its greatest enemy?

I hate politics as usual.

America awake! Write Obama, picket the White House, demand an end to the war, the prosecution of Bush, an end to pork barrel bailouts by Democrats in Congress, Evangelical subsidies, and especially, an end to hypocrisy in all its forms!

Have I forgotten anything? I'm sure. But I'll come back with more.


Obama’s Inauguration: A Secular Hajj - From PoliGazette

January 17th, 2009 By: Michael van der Galien

(the following is a post from PoliGazette--I could not resist!)

In what has to be the most over-the-top description of the upcoming inauguration of President-Elect Barack Obama, Ali Eteraz compares it to the ‘hajj’ (religious pelgrimage for Muslims to Mecca). ‘Millions will make their way to the National Mall. More than 10,000 buses will be chartered.

At a website called Inauguration or Bust, people anywhere in the country can find locals to travel with. At the site, the contingent from Savannah, Georgia, refers to its trip as a “pilgrimage”. That word, most often associated with religious fervour, is appropriate here. The inauguration buzz is reminiscent of the excitement I have encountered in Muslim countries in the days preceding the hajj,’ the Muslim commentator, columnist, poet and former blogger writes for the Guardian.

‘The inauguration is a ritual, akin to Muslims touching the walls of the Ka’bah in Mecca. It renders tangible the ethereal. It is a reminder that the government is like an idol, a fact that was well known to those who introduced the modern nation-state - the French even raised a new goddess after the revolution - but which goes entirely forgotten by us.



Limbaugh Seen Assholing Around at the White House

Recently, Limbaugh was invited by Bush to the White House for the purpose of celebrating the asshole's birthday. But which asshole are we talking about? Why, Limbaugh, of course? Though Limbaugh cannot sign legislation that screws the average American or send people to die in other countries for no good reason, he does have the power to lie to millions of other assholes who swallow his every smelly word, much like dogs eating vomit.

I am in such a rare mood! But when you put Bush and Limbaugh together for any reason, the shit just piles and piles till you can't hold back.


Farewell to Thee - Our Nation Needs The Likes of You

Pelosi: Pass stimulus by mid-February - Seize the Day and Pass The Pork

In an era of multi-trillion dollar deficits, Nancy Pelosi and House Dems can't resist using the economic era as an excuse to push forward a massive pork bill (and while Obama does what?)

Just in off the AP wires:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pressed top congressional Democrats on Wednesday to pass a massive economic recovery bill by mid-February, a call tempered by new projections of unprecedented deficits ahead.

Pelosi emphasized the infrastructure and energy components of a massive stimulus package that Congress and President-elect Barack Obama are fashioning in response to the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. The combined spending and tax cuts of the plan are expected to cost nearly $800 billion.

"Many will focus on the cost of it," Pelosi told the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee. "While we are not discussing small sums, the bill is fiscally responsible because it will provide a fiscal dividend by returning 40 percent of the cost to the Treasury — at least that much in increased revenue."

Noting that the proposal will include spending on roads and bridges, clean energy technologies, expanded Internet access, and modernizing schools, she declared: "This is not your grandfather's public works bill."

No, it isn't. This is far more wasteful and insane. Borrowing to SPEND in an era of dangerous deficits is a very bad idea.



Martha Coakley of Middlesex Witch Hunt Fame, Now Attorney General of Massachusetts

Mulling over the Paul Shanley case and marveling at the ability of ambitious, corrupt prosecutors to place innocent people in jail no matter how ridiculous the charges are against them, I ran into this letter from 2001 involving Martha Coakley (now ATTORNEY GENERAL). You recall Martha from my prior post involving Paul Shanley.

This letter is eye opening. I'm just glad to see that at one time, in a galaxy far away, a few sane people existed, even in a witch-burning, Martha-loving state like Massachusetts. How wonderful that a human being, as loved as Martha Coakley, as full of integrity and sociopathological instincts, can rise from being a mere prosecutor to being Attorney General, and in such a progressive and educated state. How many bodies did she have to step over? How many innocent people did she have to jail? How many thousands did she have to fool?

And now, the letter.

The Boston HeraldAugust 12, 2001 Sunday ; Pg. 026
A scandal continues

The cynical manipulation by the Middlesex County prosecutor's office of the child witnesses against Gerald Amirault who are now young adults makes it depressingly clear that the office of prosecutor is intended by its occupants to serve their political ambitions and not the cause of justice ("Amirault victims come out of hiding to keep him jailed," Aug. 3). Martha Coakley and her cohorts and precursors know full well that children who were 3, 4 and 5 years old at the time of the Fells Acres trials some 15 years ago - 15 years filled with constant reassertions by prosecutors and parents of the validity of the original claims - do not, cannot and will not ever be able to have untainted memories of their experiences. Hauling these innocent young people out for a press conference was disgraceful.

These children were victims of politically ambitious and woefully ignorant prosecutors who chose to disregard the coercive interrogations by the inexperienced graduate student assigned to dig the "truth" out of the children, to ignore bizarre claims that defied all rationality (e.g. sodomy with lobsters and knives) and to close their eyes to the utter lack of substantiating physical evidence.

- Margaret A. Hagen, Department of Psychology Boston University.

Margaret A. Hagen is the the author of Whores of the Court: The Fraud of Psychiatric Testimony & the Rape of American Justice (1997); Regan Books-Imprint of Harper-Collins.
A great piece on Amirault here.