Can We Trust This Man? Paul Zak of The Center for Neuroeconomics Studies Ways to Chemically Manipulate Human Beings Into Parting With Their Money

Headlines of studies conducted by Paul Zak, from the Center for Neuroeconomics Studies: OXYTOCIN INCREASES GENEROSITY IN HUMANS; OXYTOCIN INCREASES TRUST IN HUMANS; TRUST: A TEMPORARY HUMAN ATTACHMENT FACILITATED BY OXYTOCIN. Is Paul Zak discussing ways to manipulate hapless humans into accepting the invasion of a cannibalistic alien race? No, but close.

And what the hell is "neuroeconomics"?

Sounds like flim-flam? This is no joke. It is scary, and it's real. Paul Zak and his fun colleagues are actually testing and devising ways that will enable anyone (who can afford it)--and that includes unscrupulous corporate types, sales people, contractors, government officials, etc.--to easily and secretly air-born a brain chemical, oxytocin, into closed environments, and thereby fool intended victims into states of social ease and absolute trust. To quote one abstract from a CNS study:

Here we show that intranasal administration of oxytocin, a neuropeptide that plays a key role in social attachment and affiliation in non-human mammals, causes a substantial increase in trust among humans, thereby greatly increasing the benefits from social interactions.

Imagine the practical uses of "trust drugs" on everyday life. While atomizers in the ventilation systems of closed buildings spray liberal amounts of socializing, trust-inducing chemicals into the air, ignorant victims agree to buy even more car insurance than they really need, invest even more of their money in bad real estate schemes, and believe what Hillary Clinton is telling them no matter how idiotic it is.

Again, this is no joke. This stuff needs to be regulated, and quickly, before Paul Zak and CNS can begin selling "trust" for the noble purpose of helping our economy and facilitating good government. A mega-dose of trust juice will be necessary to convince me such research will ever be used for the good.


Internet Defamation Suit Tests Anonymity - Yale Females Have A Right To Sue for Slander

Last year, two women at Yale Law filed on suit that included subpoenas for 28 anonymous users of a website that has consistently attacked and defamed them. From the Reuters report:

Some posts made false claims about her academic record and urged users to warn law firms, or accused her of bribing Yale officials to gain admission and of forming a lesbian relationship with a Yale administrator, the court papers said ... The plaintiff said she believes the harassing remarks, which lasted nearly two years, cost her an important summer internship. After interviewing with 16 firms, she received only four call-backs and ultimately had zero offers -- a result considered unusual given her qualifications.

Defendants in Internet defamation actions will claim that revealing identity for the purpose of a defamation suit is not necessary and, in fact, is a violation of their right to free speech under the First Amendment.

Of course, we know there is no reason to hide if the truth is spoken. Those who hide their identities online cry First Amendment usually because they are lying, and they wish to obscure their true motivations. Otherwise, why resist so doggedly? Why demand a First Amendment right to slander others for purposes of utterly ruining them?

In this case, I affirm freedom and responsibility. If your speech online affects the personal lives of others in a negative way, and taints the way they are perceived, then be up front, or else shut up.


Devah Pager of Princeton and Algernon Austin of EPI Use White Racist Stereotypes To Explain Issues Crucial To The Black Community

At the risk of further alienating my liberal friends in New York who have knee-jerked me all the way into a hell reserved only for the vilest conservatives, I feel I must once again make what I consider to be valid observations of the Black and White left, reveal a few inconvenient truths, and then compare them, when appropriate, to the hard-line right.

So what is wrong with the Black and White intellectual left in America? Can they ever be unbiased? Non-racist? Can they ever dream of anything other than a simplistic Ebony Magazine-Al Sharpton view of White racism as a catch-all explanation for one of the single biggest and most embarrassing circumstances facing the Black community, namely, the disproportionate rate of Black youth incarceration and education failure?

Algernon Austin of the Economic Policy Institute, in his 2006 article, Don't Blame Black Culture for Economic Decline (Why Bill Cosby is Wrong), references a study by Princeton Professor of Sociology Devah Pager that purports to prove old fashioned White racism alive and well and preventing Black youth from obtaining entry-level jobs. Steve Horowitz, author of an article reviewing Devah Pager's 2007 book which includes the study ( Marked: Race, Crime, and Finding Work in an Era of Mass Incarceration ), allows passion to overcome him when he notes:
The Princeton professor isn’t the first to point this out [that Black males spend way too much time in prison], but she does well to bring this up in context of her research for two reasons. First, all Americans should be outraged by these facts. They should be shouting this information from the rooftops, demanding explanations from their elected officials, and actively working for solutions. Why is America incarcerating so many people and why are so many of them black?

The view of Devah Pager and Steve Horowitz, based on my experience, pretty much sums up the viewpoint of White liberal America ... Soooo it's the fault of America? It's the fault of that abstract entity no two people can define the same way? Huh? ... And Americans should be outraged! Yes. Americans should be outraged that the Black and White left in America avoid and deny the complex circumstances that work to prevent Black youth from achievement. And why? Because most of these well-documented facts by unbiased and balanced studies point to issues other than White racism as determining factors for failure and incarceration. In other words, they violate principles of the Religion of The Eternal Victim that have gripped much of Black America and their White supporters. And God help us all, some of these facts actually fault the Black community, Black leaders, and Black culture as having some responsibility ... Now, I just have to avoid the snipers! Making statements like these is kinda like revealing to hardcore Christians their ongoing hypocrisy for supporting the Iraq War.

Stepping outside the confines of the Religion of The EV, let's breeze over a few things that tend to contradict its beliefs, i.e., that tend to show compelling evidence that forces other than White racism are at work. Anyone at anytime, can research the many instances of intense and pervasive government corruption that have plagued the city of Washington, D.C.--from the trial of Mary Treadwell (Mayor Barry's wife) and her cronies to the more recent Washington D.C. Tax Office scandal--and conclude quite readily that the Black government of D.C., empowered to help the Black community of D.C., instead did just the opposite for the better part of three decades. By means of fraud, embezzlement, abuse of power, and wasteful spending, the politicians and bureaucrats of D.C. stabbed the Black community in the back so many times that only through a miracle of denial (related to blaming the White racism of Congress) have the Black community of Washington been prevented from taking to the streets in massive protest. The D.C. Tax Office, once the investigation was complete, was found to have brilliantly siphoned off 40 million or more of public funds before getting caught. And this is just for starters!

In other words, the Black government of D.C., supported by the Black elite of D.C. and the Black and White media, willfully and knowingly deprived its citizens of those funds necessary to maintain their communities and their schools, and in the most shameful manner imaginable. Not a single member of The Religion of The Eternal Victim will ever admit that conditions such as these play a role in the subject at hand. They will laugh at you, accuse you of being a racist, avoid you, become enraged, argue illogically, but never an admission. Once more, the Black and White left of America remind me of Evangelical behavior at such time you provide them undeniable proof of evolution.

But now let's return to Devah Pager of Princeton. It appears Devah Pager has failed, and in remarkably obvious fashion, to examine studies by groups in her own backyard of Princeton, studies that offer a viewpoint on Black youth that contradict her conclusions and those of her followers like Steve Horowitz. From the Future Of Children website:

A more important explanation focuses on respect: low-income men often fail to work because doing so would violate their self esteem. Black youth, for example, typically demand higher wages before they will work than whites with the same qualifications. Economists might say that they have a higher “reservation wage”—the wage that would induce them to accept a job. But this framing again suggests a quality of calm calculation that is lacking. Actually, passion reigns. Black youth will often refuse to work for “chump change” even if it means not working at all. Or they accept jobs but then find them unrewarding or abusive. So they leave them in a huff or are fired.

And further:

Low-skilled blacks feel that employers treat them as expendable, firing them at the least provocation. To the employers, however, it seems that the men simply “don’t want to work.” So bosses grow wary of hiring them, particularly minorities and ex-offenders. They often hire women or immigrants instead. One cannot call such preferences racist, because black employers voice the same complaints as whites.

Okay, now another comprehensive and scholarly study that also presents a more complex picture than Devah Pager, Algernon Austin, and their supporters would have you believe. It is put together nicely in a book entitled, The Meaning of Race for Employers, by Joleen Kirscheman and Kathryn Neckerman. Here is a slice:

Despite Black's disproportionate representation in the urban underclass, however defined, analyses of inner-city joblessness seldon consider racism or discrimination as a significant cause ... Lacking the mainstream role models they once had, inner-city blacks no longer learn and value the habits associated with steady work.

Because of this viewpoint that life is more complex than the Religion of The Eternal Victim will have you believe, the Black and White left will accuse me of being a racist, of supporting the White racist conspiracy, and will readily accuse any Black American of being a race traitor if she or he dares to voice any agreement with my viewpoint, or let's say, with the viewpoint of anyone who doesn't accept the basic beliefs of the Religion.

Yes, been there, done that ... I'm wistfully taken back to a telemarketing job I once had and the group of Jesus freaks there shouting at me viciously in the lunch room that I was going to hell because I didn't accept their version of reality.

Back to my motto. The truth will piss you off.


Losing The Race: Self-Sabotage In Black America - Algernon Austin of The Economic Policy Institute Still Blames Whitey

"Are black students really afraid of 'acting white'?" Algernon Austin asks in The Daily Voice. According to him, the answer is NO. Austin is director of the program on race, ethnicity and the economy at the Economic Policy Institute, and apparently, based on a read of his recent article, a man who carefully avoids the complex issues affecting black student performance in American schools. After a long piece that omits any possible evidence, study, book, or dialogue that does not support his facts, he predictably summarizes his argument by blaming black student problems on nothing more obvious than White racism:

Adults concerned about raising black student achievement have two options: we can get back into the civil rights business of confronting the social and economic inequalities that produce the achievement gap or we can cling to convenient stereotypes and keep on blaming black students. Blaming black students certainly means less work for us.

In other words, black communities, leaders, families, and students bear zero responsibility for underachieving black student performance on all levels over the past 20 years. This is an age-old and seriously flawed observation, among others that have acquired cult-like status among the Al Sharpton racists. But nothing dispels such notions faster and more powerfully than John McWhorter's classic, Losing The Race: Self-Sabotage In Black America. To quote John McWhorter:

Victimology is seductive because there is an ironic and addictive contentment in underdoggism. However, it also inherently gives failure, lack of effort, and even criminality a tacit stamp of approval. In addition, because focusing on the negative debases the performance of any human being, focusing on remaining aspects of victimhood rather than the rich opportunities before us is a ball and chain restraining any effort to move ahead.

And no scholarly note here, but still, an interesting comment on Amazon.Com by one of the books many supporters, D. A. Martin:

For years I have grown sick and tired of liberal "blacker than thou" pseudo-intellectuals who claim to have MY best interests at heart as a Black American. They blame all of our problems on racism, constantly making us out to be victims - even 30-plus years after the Civil Rights Movement! Yet, they are never willing to turn the microscope on us as Black Americans and how we should take responsibility for the ways in which we do ourselves in, but are quick to try to censor, berate, and/or brand as a "traitor" someone like McWhorter for doing so, all for the so-called crime of "airing our dirty laundry."

Though I'm not Black, this comment resonated with me. Why? Because I've heard these same comments myself, made privately to me by Black friends and associates who are exhausted by the stereotype White liberals force on them via academia and the media. It seems that Algernon Austin, even many years after John McWhorter's ground-breaking book, even after the studies, many anecdotes, and hot debate on these issues, continues to adopt a simplistic and convenient racist stance, i.e., he exclusively faults White people as the ultimate cause of all Black failure in America.

As human beings, we need to begin openly and forcefully rejecting such notions, for the sake of defeating racism in all its forms, whether it derives from White liberals or Black intellectuals. If not, meaningful change and dialogue will remain impossible.


Hillary vs. the Patriarchy. Remembering Erica Jong and Her Idol-Worship of Hillary in The Washington Post

The anti-democratic feminist viewpoint of Hillary-can-do-no-wrong-and-if-she-appears-to-do-so-it's-only-a-lie-of-the-patriarchy, was perhaps best represented by author Erica Jong back in Feb. who told us she can doubtless trust Hillary no matter what contrary information comes her way. Anyone who criticizes Hillary MUST be lying!

Fair and balanced as Fox News, eh?
It's amazing how the left continues to ape the right in its zeal to censor and avoid. AND THAT IS WHY I CANNOT STOP TALKING ABOUT DEMS AND HILLARY!
Anyway, to somone like Erica Jong, Hillary is nothing less than a mythical Wonder Woman--using her bracelets to deflect bullets fired by the imaginary snipers of Bosnia and her political "magic lasso" to hypnotize Americans into forgetting she voted with the big corporate bankers to saddle Americans with 30% credit card rates (among other things)! Her love of Hillary gives her enough radar to locate and denounce all lurking, omnipresent extremist misogynists, i.e., all those men and their female stooges who do not idol-worship her like Erica does. But Ms. Jong, like the other Hillary supporters who refuse to see Hillary for what she has become, who refuse for example to even denounce her Bosnia lie and chalk it up with a casual shrug and a What do you expect?, are all doing their part to bring about the ruination of their country in the same way Bush supporters did in the early years. As evidence mounted that Bush was a sociopathic moron, they just shrugged.
By excusing the lies, the Hillary apologists in effect become willing co-conspirators, corrupt campaign aides in the field. Hillary was supposed to be different, better, not a Dem version of George Bush!
Why is it so difficult for "feminist democrats" and "progressive men" to see that?


Hillary's Interest Rate Freeze

I still find it odd that many of the relatively intelligent people I know never caught on to the obvious lie inherent in Hillary's campaign promise to freeze interest rates ...

She can't. The Fed chief can.



Time Magazine May 26, 2008 - Surviving The Lean Economy - What Will The Next President Do? Justin Fox Thinks About It

Time Magazine is running a story designed to sell lots of copy in these lean times: How the Next President Should Fix the Economy, by Justin Fox. Okay, so what does Justin Fox really know? It turns out that this Time Magazine fellow is a Reagan supporter of extreme vision. I wonder how old he is?

He begins his article by erroneously giving Ronald Reagan credit for creating a robust economy in the 80's--as if making speeches, dozing at staff meetings, riding horses, vacationing constantly, and running the nation with Nancy's psychics had any real effect? Justin does give credit to Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker (thank you!), the primary force for straightening things out and stopping the rampant inflation Carter had generously inherited from Richard Nixon. Lets' get some real perspective. I was there ... I lived and worked in Reagan's Washington ... And please don't forget the utter failure of supply side economics as Reagan ran record budget deficits and ballooned the size of government because the complexities of arithmetic were beyond his capacity. Justin notes the ultimate failure of the cuts, yes, but forgets the billions in taxes drained out of American paychecks needed to correct the problem.

Next, our Justin, in the context of bemoaning the wreckage created by income disparity vs. taxes, states: "Another potential path, although it hasn't been a theme in the campaign so far, would be a big effort to repair the country's crumbling infrastructure — which would create lots of jobs that couldn't be outsourced overseas and would also deliver long-term economic benefits." Um, ok, so who exactly is going to design, implement, and maintain such a vague and grandiose Great Society plan of repairing "infrastructure"? The same gov officials and incompetent asses who are running Iraq and the latest post-Katrina efforts? And by the way, why in the blazes isn't someone with half a brain talking about cutting the obese size of government? If we didn't feed the Federal Fat Boy with so much green salad he would be forced to lose weight and save us lots more taxes. What a radical concept!

As a matter of fact, I favor a new law that would fine, terminate, and even imprison any one of hundreds of thousands of Washington government career types, officials, managers, and political appointees who knowingly and willingly defraud the American treasury by engaging in waste, sloth, and abuse of power. Why not? We might save a few hundred billion per year at least. Heck, the Pentagon alone might be terrified into engaging in real integrity. Corruption in Washington is so devastating to the Treasury that the concept of it is unbelievably surreal.

Moving on to blame home owners for their part in ruining America, Justin Fox of Time Magazine states: "The mess has also caused some economists to question why we subsidize housing so heavily in the first place. The tax deduction for home-mortgage interest alone costs the government about $80 billion a year, and most of that benefit flows to the wealthiest 16% of taxpayers, according to the Tax Foundation ... " Costs the government? What's wrong with this attitude??? Is he telling us that our problems can be solved by giving even more tax billions to our incompetent, lazy, and utterly irresponsible government? Show me one study that proves more revenue makes governments less likely to waste that revenue!

Where is Thomas Jefferson when we need him?

Finally, our Time Magazine writer notes health care costs as a huge problem, and without offering any real solution, says: "It is possible to conceive of a system that brings the 47 million uninsured into the fold, improves medical outcomes and costs less than what we've got now." Well, is it possible? I can't help but conceive of a "system" run by the health care power brokers to serve only themselves and bankrupt what is left of middle-class America. There is no Tinkerbell, no magic wand that will convert one-track-mind sociopathology into responsible citizenship. Are you listening Justin? It won't work. Look up stats and studies on how many hundreds of billions that health care businesses and corporate hospitals have ripped off from Medicare alone! After Reagan became leader, predatory corporate parasites migrated in unprecedented numbers into Washington and began securing a fortress of great magnitude within our capital.
Yes, it's true. You must defeat the infection before you can heal the body.
And btw, stop worshipping Reagan. He wasn't the man you believe him to have been.


Time To Begin Prosecuting The Prosecutors - James Woodard of Texas Still Not Free

James Woodard, a black man, was dishonestly convicted of raping and murdering his girlfriend in 1981 and sentenced to life in prison. He was released on April 29, the 17th Dallas County inmate to be exonerated by DNA testing. According to CNN: "The jury believed Woodard was the last person seen with the victim. But according to court records, there were two other men that were with her. Police never followed up on the lead and prosecutors never shared the information with defense attorneys, even though they were legally obligated to do so."

Dallas District Attorney Craig Watkins has gone on record as saying that corrupt prosecutors ought to be punished. Watkins wants to make it a crime from now on for prosecutors to knowingly hide or suppress evidence that could help a defendant. Naturally, many in the legal community there are alarmed by his comments, and especially those who are guilty of crimes against innocents.

Woodward told CNN: ""I think he should pay a penalty. I paid 27 years. He took my life away from me. What's the difference if it's by a gun, by words or by lies?"

I could not agree more!


After Years of Skimming, Stealing, and General Mismanagement, Governments Create Pension Fund Nightmare

It's spreading like a case of budgetary muscular dystrophy and it cannot be exaggerated. Local and state govs around the U.S. are floundering and vampirishly draining pension funds to cover for their mistakes, and in many cases, outright criminal behavior. And this has been going on a long time. The Washington Post reported just recently that both Maryland and the state of Virginia have "redirected" hundreds of millions per year out of employee pension funds and as a consequence are now avoiding a crisis created not only by their predatory behavior, but by the downturning economy. As the tide of wealth recedes, the hulls of old wrecks grow more visible, and the cries of denial must grow ever louder to compensate.

And further:

By their own assessment, state and local governments acknowledge that their funds for retiree benefits are increasingly falling behind, with the number that are severely underfunded soaring to 40 percent in 2006, a five-fold increase from 2000, according to the U.S. Government Accountability Office.

From as early as 2006, as reported by THI :

  • The City of San Diego was embroiled in its worst financial crisis ever, with an estimated pension deficit of $2 billion threatening to consume as much as one-third of the city's general fund. The city's failure to properly disclose pension liabilities prompted a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission investigation and led to the suspension of the city's credit rating. So far eight former pension officials have been charged with criminal corruption by the U.S. Attorney's Office and state District Attorney's Office.

  • In Illinois, taxpayers faced a pension deficit estimated at $38 billion--the worst in the nation.

  • The state of West Virginia faced a $5.5 billion pension deficit and an additional $3.3 billion in unfunded workers' compensation liabilities--a total deficit nearly three times the state's annual $3.1 billion general fund budget.

  • In California, the teachers' retirement system faces a shortfall of more than $24 billion, and the state's combined contributions to the public employees' and teachers' plans now exceed $3 billion per year.

Are we all going to bend over and take it in the ass as usual? I have zero love for bureaucrats, but even less for stealing.


“Toast!” blared The New York Post - Is The Punditocracy Right This Time?

It can't be doubted. Assuming a truck doesn't run over Obama, he's gripped the Dems by the short and curlies. He will be the party nominee to run against McCain--despite the best efforts of Fox News, Limbaugh, and the rest. And that is satisfying to me, knowing that the great and powerful neocons of Oz and their flying monkeys were not sufficient to stop Obama, not to mention the efforts of bribe-bundling trolls like Robert Zimmerman of NY who like others in Hillary's campaign did his best to make Reverend Wright into another Willie Horton.

But Hillary won't give in. Just today, Geoff Garin, her lead strategist, told reporters, “We think the results last night [Indiana] strengthen the case that she will be the strongest candidate for the Democratic Party in November.”

Obviously, her camp followers, still in denial, won't stop fueling her ego.