Repressed Memory Therapy ( RMT ) Is Almost Dead, But Ellen Bass Lives On As a Poet and Teacher at Pacific University

If your life shows the symptoms and you don't remember it, you were still abused. - Ellen Bass

In America, a psychological war was fought in the 90's and into the 21st century for the souls of women everywhere. It began when pop psyche author, Ellen Bass, invented a non-fiction book entitled, THE COURAGE TO HEAL, a masterpiece of deception and pseudo-science that was immediately and uncritically praised to the skies by second wave feminists everywhere. Talk show appearances, testimonials by weeping women, and the acid tongue of leading second wavers left no doubt that tens of thousands of women in America had been secretly raped by their fathers, and that these rapes took place when they were only toddlers. As long ago as 2001, the Council Against Health Fraud summed it up quite well:

According to proponents of "repressed memory therapy" (RMT), numerous mental health problems in adults are due to subconscious damage from repressed memories of sexual or Satanic ritual abuse experienced in childhood. RMT practitioners claim to be able to help their clients recover memories of trauma and heal. Many mislead their clients into believing they have multiple personality disorder (MPD) and into accusing family members of abuse. The consequences have included divorces, family feuds, loss of employment (as charges have become public), lawsuits, and criminal convictions.

And from one of the many Ellen Bass survivors, Olivia McKillop, in the book Victims of Memory:

I gobbled up The Courage to Heal—just read it, read it, read it, particularly the stories by Survivors at the back of the book, like "Michelle and Artemis" and "Gizelle." They were so awful. The phrase kept coming back, "If your life shows the symptoms and you don't remember it, you we re still abused." I just lived with that phrase .... By the time I went for my next appointment, I was an Incest Survivor, and there was no turning back.

For those of you who recall the hysteria and torrent of accusations against shocked families and fathers that flooded our country like a toxic spill, you will also recall that whoever dared to speak out against the pseudo-science and fraud of RMT was instantly condemned (like those in the 17th century who refused to believe in witchcraft), and none more so than Elizabeth Loftus who wrote the book, The Myth of Repressed Memory: False Memories and Allegations of Sexual Abuse.

And where is Ellen Bass, the repressed-memory perpetrator and feminist celebrity who brought so much anguish, suicide, jail time, and destruction to so many? Like an ex-Nazi living another life in America, Bass has invented a new identity for herself. She is now a poet. No kidding! She is loved by her students, has won various prizes for her poetry, and now teaches peacefully at Pacific University in California.

Only in America?

Should I ask Vincent Bugliosi to prosecute her for murder, along with George Bush? ... I guess I have to admit, if I were going to have a hate list, she would be right under Bush. Why? Because her hateful writing attacked me in a personal way, and caused the death of a friend's father--falsely accused by a daughter who had become a devoted and deluded disciple.

To get the latest on the war and the efforts of real reasearchers to tell the truth, I strongly suggest a stop by the False Memory Syndrome Foundation ... Subscribe to their newsletter while you are at it. If you are contemplating a trip to a therapist, please familiarize yourself with the material, read the studies.

Please. And here are two new books that effectively debunk "The Courage to Heal" and repressed memory therapy and its mob of followers and disciples:

-Return of the Furies: An Investigation Into Recovered Memory Therapy (Paperback)

-Lost Daughters: Recovered Memory Therapy and the People It Hurts

And if you are still a victim of the poet Ellen Bass, my advice is that you find the courage to heal. It's not your fault. You were duped.

And if you are no longer a victim, please write the Pacific University in California, by email or otherwise, and freely express your views.

By the way, here is the poet in question, reading some of her awful work:


Return of The Citizen Legislator: Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma Won't Give "Yes" For an Answer Because His Country Needs "No"

Mark Twain once observed, "There is no distinctly native American criminal class, except Congress." Today, in this era of horrendous budget deficits, even Twain would be stunned at the magnitude of untouchable fraud and waste perpetrated daily by politicians and government officials, all eager to strip the American wallet of every possible dime in their own selfish interest. And who stands against them?

A guy named Tom Coburn?

Wait a minute ... Wasn't he the guy who pissed off Congress by ranting about the infamous bridge to nowhere in Alaska. As George W. noted back as far back as 2006:

Coburn came to the nation's attention last October when he proposed taking the $223 million earmarked for Alaska's "Bridge to Nowhere" and using it to repair a New Orleans bridge destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Because this threat to Alaska also threatened Congress's code of comity -- mutual respect for everyone's parochial interests -- his proposal lost by 67 votes. But rather than do the decent thing -- apologize, tug his forelock and slink away chastened -- he refused to stop talking about it, made it an embarrassment to the Senate and catalyzed revulsion against spending that is both promiscuous and parochial.

A lone warrior in a mire of corporate greed, soft money kick-backs, and home-grown sociopathology, Republican Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma and his staff struggle daily to restore some semblance of integrity to Congress. According to their estimates (which agree with mine), our government dedicates upwards of $300 billion per year to fraudulent and wasteful spending, i.e., enough money to build a fleet of spaceships and colonize the entire nation of Zimbabwe in lavish terra-domes on the planet Mars (minus Mugabe).

As I've said before, our government is like a morbidly obese human being, weighted to debilitation by an excess of budget fat resulting from a never-ending infusion of unneeded tax calories. Sure, the calories are good to a point, but once that point is passed, they only create layers and layers of pointless bureaucracy, and stagnant Treasury pools of money waiting to be pirated by the best and brightest. Arguably, the worst thing that ever happened to American government was income tax.

But, oh God, how can we live without it? Well, we've been conditioned my friend. If this government had a single accounting system that worked, if we had zero tolerance for reckless spending, if we stopped allowing the White House to facilitate the thievery, the average American could easily have his or her tax burden cut in half, or even more. Considering that the average American loses 40% or more of his or her income to taxes, is that such a bad idea?

Back to Senator Tom Coburn, also known as Dr. No because he says NO to all types of wasteful spending. Why? Because he understands that Congress is constantly earmarking money for programs and sprees that are not only pointless but often duplicated elsewhere. His yes-man enemies in Congress, like Nancy and Harry (of course), are attempting to end-run Coburn's tactics of delaying wasteful spending bills. Coburn, unlike most yes-woman and yes-man politicians in Congress, is not interested in doing favors to get ahead (he even imposed term limits on himself!), so he rejects earmarks without hesitation. Like any rational being, he understands the true costs. And unlike those without moral compass, he takes responsibility.

How dare he? What could make a politician more angry than a colleague who stands in contrast and in doing so reveals their perpetual complicity and hypocrisy?

According to The New York Times:

[Senator Coburn] said the Senate was shirking its duty by failing to give closer review to the hundreds of bills that slide through by unanimous consent. And he said Congress should not be clearing the way for billions of dollars in potential new spending — even on meritorious projects — without making reductions elsewhere. Fearful of the public debt piling up, he said he wanted the opportunity to at least propose those cuts.

You go Big Tom!


When Will She Stop Throwing Knives at Me, or IS DOMESTIC VIOLENCE A GENDER ISSUE, OR A HUMAN ISSUE? McNeely, Cook, and Torres Speak Out.

This issue is almost old to valid observers of domestic violence, but to everyone else (except for second wave feminists who make their living bashing half the human race), the truth contained in this study by McNeely, Cook, and Torres comes as a shocker.

As the study puts it, "These findings were, and are, stunning to casual observers of the domestic violence phenomenon. This is because people have difficulty with the notion of women inflicting injuries on men because men, on average, are larger, stronger, and more adept at fighting. But the average man's size and strength are neutralized by guns and knives, boiling water, fireplace pokers, bricks, and baseball bats. Many fail to realize that domestic assaults do not involve pugilistic fair play, or to consider that attacks occur when males are asleep, or incapacitated by alcohol, age, or infirmities."

If you want a true picture of domestic violence, you should have the courage to review these studies and their methodology.

However, if you firmly buy into the notion that men alone are responsible for the vast majority of domestic violence, then skip this study and go pick up the latest issue of Ms. magazine.

Obama The Flip-Flopper Defines My Politics and Vision for America

Obama's pro-NAFTA (death to unions!), pro-gun (flip-flop on D.C. gun control), pro-Church subsidies (doing his part to weaken our foundation of church-and-state separation), pro-BIG-Money donations (flip-flop on promise to accept public funding--influenced no doubt by Hillary's corporate bundlers?), and so forth, have effectively cemented my argument to liberals and conservatives that a vote for either major party is a vote wasted.

Yes, that's right!

If you vote for Obama or McCain, you are simply throwing your vote away, and more, you are making yourself an accessory to their fraud and sociopathology, and thus doing your part to wreck your nation.

So what is to be done, you ask?

Citizen activism, organization, and working towards the creation of a new political party. Meanwhile, vote independent, even if the candidate is Ralph Nader. At least you won't have a charlatan working for the corporation instead of the nation. You might not even like Nader, but he's telling you what he really believes.

Wake up, America. You might actually send a message to the CEOs that you are mad as hell and won't take it anymore.


Karl Rove Snubs Congress and Refuses To Show - When Will This Bush Pig Be Arrested?

Karl Rove must be arrested to maintain at least a semblance of democracy! Proving his guilt by defying Congress, he has refused to show and testify on the DOJ firing of federal prosecutors. According to sources, a placard with his name sat in front of an empty chair while protesters in the room demanded his arrest. House Republicans, supporting his snub, blamed Democrats for not taking Rove up on an offer to discuss the matter informally.

What will the House Republicans do next? Suspend the Constitution for the benefit of Karl Rove?

This is outrage upon outrage! Almost as bad as the Bush White House pretending that Congress cannot compel their people to testify. This is truly a government way out of control ... Well, yeah, you tell me? I say this is a new form of intolerable impotence. If I could, I would form a posse and put Rove under citizen's arrest and let the Republican devils arrest me for performing my patriotic duty.

So I got passion? Sure, so shoot me.

We need to stop taking it up the ARSE!!!


Obama Says Amen to The Bush Merger of Church and State - "Faith Based" Subsidies

And this man wants change?

Obama has now decided to continue one of Bush's worst programs by promising half a billion per year to Evangelicals and groups (who he believes might support him in the election--of course). But didn't liberals howl about this when Bush did it?

Are we looking at a major act of extreme hypocrisy?

According to Washington Wire/WSJ.Com, Obama’s proposal earned praise today from John DiIulio, a former director of the Bush administration’s office of faith-based initiatives, who called it “a principled, prudent, and problem-solving vision for the future of community-serving partnerships involving religious nonprofit organizations.”

OMG. Will I eventually despise Obama even more than Hillary?