New Insanity: Why is Carol Moore Still Heaping Blame on The Norfolk Four and Now Blaming John Grisham?

"Let him walk in our shoes, let's see how he would feel," a sobbing Moore told The Associated Press in a telephone interview from her Pittsburgh home. "This is nothing but political and John Grisham."

The above statement, to me, is just as ludicrously false as saying that the earth is flat because Obama has decided it is. How can Carol Moore, mother of the victim in the Norfolk Four case, be so woefully ignorant of the facts? She reminds me of a deluded child talked into believing her nursery school teacher turned into a catlike demon and flew after her! Scary, very scary. And people like her even sit on juries. How do you think Paul Shanley landed in prison?

This poor dear blames the author John Grisham for getting the evil perps out of jail cause he's so stupid, you know, and just looking for attention, and he doesn't care if vicious killers go free.

According to Grisham, commenting on the Norfolk Four case to the Post:

It's the most egregious case of wrongful conviction I've seen, and I travel around the country listening to stories about these cases.

I'm not saying Carol Moore is intentionally lying to get attention or a place on a talk show, or perhaps a book deal, but I am saying I totally and utterly repudiate her contentions that the innocent men of the Norfolk Four had anything to do with her daughter's murder. I'm sure she was lied to by the police and prosecutor, or at least misled.

Please, Carol, really look at the facts. Stop this public display.



Ding Dong, The Prince of Darkness is Dead - Robert Novak To Burn in Hell

Okay, you guys, now's your chance to call me a meanie witch for taking such a caustic view towards the death of Robert Novak, but I have to be honest, he should have died much sooner. When I think of all the lies, damage, and toxic spray of intentional disinformation put out by this evil wizard, I can't help but be wishful. Late in his career he outed Valerie Plame for being a CIA agent, and thus assisted Karl Rove in his retaliation against her husband.

This despicable act alone brands Novak as one of THE most heartless, unethical, and yes, un-American jerkweeds to have ever lived and lied.

Good riddance. Let his "friends" and Republicans belch forth with as much BS praise as they wish. It's all BS after all, just like the phony attacks of indignation he forced us to frequently suffer.


Last Three of Norfolk Four Finally Released - Attorney General Bill Mims Still Pretends Like They Are Guilty

In one of the most atrocious cases of police misconduct and prosecutorial arrogance, four men were wrongly convicted in 1997 of a murder rape in Norfolk, VA. Because they did not have wealthy parents (like the Duke lacross players), the public and the press have generally ignored them. Who cares, right? They probably had it coming? No way.

You can follow more details about the case out on Google and here. Basically, these guys were falsely accused and subjected to incredible police torture and deprivations until they confessed to a crime they didn't commit. Unfortunately for the VA Attorney General's office, the real culprit was caught, and not only confessed but proclaimed none of the Norfolk four were present. Also, only the real culprit's DNA was found on the scene.

The Norfolk Four were so incredibly innocent that two dozen ex-FBI agents in the Richmond area signed a petition and sent it to Governor Kaine asking for full pardons, because their own investigations proved the men were in no way responsible, but only railroaded by the cops then tortured into confessions. The shamefulness of the crime against them goes unpunished till this day.

In an act of cowardice, Governor Kaine "conditionally" pardoned the Norfolk Four only days ago, but this means they are still treated like ex-cons, made to answer to a Parole Board, and so forth. They will never have normal lives without a real pardon. Kaine has assured them a living death not much better than prison.

But since when does a politician these days have any real courage, I ask you? Well, I guess even a coward like Kaine has more stomach than Attorney General Bill Mims who said in response to the release:

The Office of the Attorney General has represented the interests of the commonwealth and sought justice, as we are bound to do by law, and vigorously defended the multiple convictions of these individuals.

I don't even think Nifong admitted he was wrong about the Duke lacross players. So what does it prove? That guys like Nifong and Mims, who preside over the unjust prosecution of innocent people, will never admit they are wrong. They can't admit it. They won't.


Obama Vs. Freedom of Speech - White House Attorneys Karen Dunn and Ian Bassin Attempt to Censor PCRM Posters in Union Station

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
(PCRM), in a laudable and smart effort to help encourage legislation that will/might actually get junk food out of schools and usher in a new era of nutritious food (God help us all! Is it possible, what with the bribes junk food corps give county school systems? ... Oh, there she goes again!), placed huge posters in Union Station in D.C. with poster children saying:


Good question? Are healthy school lunches only for the elite in wealthy prep schools while mainstream kids are lured more and more into unchecked obesity?

I hope not. Regardless, no sooner did the posters go up than Neal Barnard, President of PCRM, was contacted by White House attorneys Karen Dunn (Associate Counsel) and Ian Bassin (Deputy Associate) who wanted Barnard to remove the posters because the "president's children are off limits." Now, this does smell like an effort by White House subordinates to curry favor by drumming up a non-issue and playing crusader rabbit to impress Barrack and Michelle.

Is that so Karen? Ian? Or are you under orders from Michelle? ... And by the way, do you support the Bill of Rights?

Nevertheless, Karen Dunn and Ian Bassin are employees of Obama and therefore Obama is answerable for their actions, and right now his employees are acting very much like the lackeys of any dictator, such as Castro e.g., who do not wish to be criticized or look unfavorable in any manner that can be avoided or negated via the use of force, i.e., if White House legal muscle can intimidate Neal Barnard into removing the offending speech, so much the better. And besides, how dare this Barnard practice free speech and reveal that Obama's daughters get elite treatment and that most of American children do not! But wait, I thought the Obamas were democrats ... uhhhhhh.

No doubt the heat on Barnard will increase, but I sincerely applaud his efforts to resist the White House pressure despite various wags predicting hateful retaliation by Obama (see original Post article in paper).

If Neal Barnard is pissing off the Obama White House, I could not be happier. And I have a message for all White House employees: your boss is slowly murdering your country, in a manner as reckless and sociopathic as George Bush Jr. Why participate in the wreck of your nation?

God speed.


Xu Zhiyong Jailed by Chinese Tyrants

True to form, the tyrants of China have again jailed, in Kafkaesque fashion, a human being who routinely tries to genuinely help the downtrodden--unlike the Chinese government that maintains the manufacture of the downtrodden. This time it is Xu Zhiyong, a prominent rights defender and legal scholar who has represented migrants, death row inmates, and even the parents of babies poisoned by toxic food.

He was stolen in the night for "tax evasion" but in reality because he pissed off the Communist leadership by showing them up for the frauds they are. And how? By trying to get them to live by their own laws. And he is not the only one. Other legal spokespeople for the common good have been jailed and beaten by the government, including Gao Zhisheng, and Chen Guangcheng, a blind man.

And this is a country that we continue to coddle, ignoring their extreme abuses and tyrannical bullying.

Well, Obama wouldn't even punish the Bush era officials who committed crimes. Why should he rock the Chinese boat? After all, they do spread lots of green around D.C., rather like the Saudis.

Madness: Kenneth Feinberg, Obama's "Pay Czar" Pretending to Work For The Public Good by Begging Wall Street Banks To Stop Giving Pay Bonuses

In a farce likely to not raise eyebrows among America's mainstream sheeple (people plus sheep--in case you forgot), Kenneth Feinberg--Obama's Jewish guy in charge of "pay" in the context of Obama's growing-more-absurd-by-the-day bailouts of multibillion corporations that never needed the money to begin with--has been trotting to the plush corporate offices of the absurdly wealthy in an alleged attempt to get them to please? please? please? discontinue their biz as usual of taking American tax dollars and using them to bail out hundreds of needy and utterly deserving Wall Street executives and others with billions in bonuses (to attract and keep top talent, of course).

What? you ask. Are you kidding, Liz?

Come on! READ the Wall Street Journal, or the Post, or some source that at least approaches the terrible truth of the fiasco of American government and the relentless looting of the treasury and America's future.

I am so sick of you Obama-philes and your endless sucking up to an illusion that has already betrayed us again and again. You are no better than the demented Bushies of Texas, esp in the old days. Please WAKE UP and protest the selling of your future and the coming of 60% tax rates that will be needed sooner or later to pay for all this corporate looting!

Anyway, back to Kenneth Feinberg ... He has met privately with execs at the offending companies, "urged them" to "rework" guarantees for big earners. Who are we kidding? These people are stealing from us because they are bold enough to do so and because they know OBAMA IS ON THEIR SIDE AND THERE WILL BE NO REAL REPERCUSSIONS!

Think I am just big capping here because I am possessed or hysterical or both? No. Again, look at the facts. For example, those thieving bastards, the Bank of America (their HQ in D.C. located directly across from the Treasury Building--what a coincidence!), got tens of billions in bailout from Obama (yes, Bush gave birth but Obama baptized the crime) and what did they do with the ill-gotten gains? They bought Merrill Lynch and gave the ML execs OVER FIVE BILLION in bonuses. And illegally at that, against SEC rules. And what punishment did they get? They didn't have to admit anything, and they paid a $33 million wrist slap fine ... Arguably, with our money. Don't believe it? Research the facts, buckos!

This madness is beyond madness. One criminal group after another pirating billions and billions and more billions from America's coffers right under the nose of Mr. Change himself, Barrack Obama, and while we are fighting two ruinous wars and suffering a deficit nearing two trillion.

Madness, madness!!!


In the Rage to Consume American Tax Dollars, Congress and Federal Agencies Spar for Hundreds of Millions in Earmark Loot Every Year

Is the American government the biggest criminal enterprise in human history?

Don't believe it?

Well, the ever-bold circus of pirates who pick our wallets are at it again. A new revelation? Senator Bill Nelson, such a great Dem, wants earmarks that senators use to reward the various corporations and special interests that bankrolled their campaigns, to go underground in Committee reports, i.e., he advises they don't even have to appear in a bill, and this in an effort to prevent Federal agencies from pirating the huge piles of cash for themselves and their own pet projects that in turn are being milked by grossly overpaid contractors in places like DOD and elsewhere.

From the NYT:

For example, the Department of Defense withheld $100 million from about a dozen earmarks, on the grounds that there was no statutory guideline for its action because the earmarks were included in the reports accompanying the spending bills and not the bill itself.

Mr. Nelson said the solution would be to specify in legislation that earmarks in committee reports should be treated as if they were written into the spending bills.

Uhhhhhh, so what's wrong with this picture of an American senator? Earmarks in committee reports? How simple and sleazy is that?

God, I hate these people!

Go back to sleep America.