The Jewish "Sweet Spot"?

An agent who was trying to pick me up at the Santa Barbara Writer's Conference told me (after a few whiskey sours) that everyone in his business was trying to please what he called, "the Jewish sweet spot." I looked at him cross-eyed and he told me he was referring to the 35-55 year old group of Jewish women who buy most of the new novels. He said they determine the market, for the most part.

I thought to myself, "Wow, but I'm Jewish and I can't stand 3/4 of the poop on the shelves!" What gives? But he was very serious and I believed him.

Does this mean that novels by the goyim get tossed aside and their authors ignored? Is this a New York thing? I sense a strange feedback loop goying on here. Maybe this explains why Cormac McCarthy was ignored by the NY establishment for so long and why a writer as awful as Claire Messud is called a wonderful writer?

What the F!

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