Revolt of The CEOS - Who is Kidding Who?

From Hayes at Washington Monthly:

"When it comes to business’s united front against regulation, as Leo Hindery, former CEO of the YES Network and author of the book It Takes a CEO, puts it, “[These guys are] looking and saying, ‘Look, if we don’t play this global-warming thing right, heck with politics, our company’s going to get hurt. If we don’t reform health care, I don’t care if I’m a Republican, my company will fail.’"

And further:

"If these polls and other political winds are any indication, then massive change may be coming to Washington in the near future, most likely starting in January 2009. On energy and health care—two huge sectors of the American economy—the regulatory power and reach of the federal government is likely to expand in a way that hasn’t occurred since the 1970s. Today’s conservatives, desperately embracing the small-government ideology that once supported their movement, are almost completely unprepared for this tsunami of federal growth."

Corps have been in Washington rewriting and writing regs for their own benefit for god knows how long. But this viewpoint by Hayes seems like unbridled optimism or go-with-the-flow bs of some kind.

Perhaps for the same reason that literary reviewers pretend like Claire Messud can write?

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