T K Kenyon - Sexist or Martyr? Look to The Novel "Rabid!"

T K Kenyon, a "writer" with a penchant for sexist raving, represents all I abhor about second wave feminism. Matter of fact, her intolerance, lies of omission, and judgment tainted by lack of sense and extreme narcissism, remind me of a contemporary media darling on a spectrum somewhere between Ann Coulter and Nancy Grace. Recently, in a blog post, I took her to task for bashing men who didn't agree with her opinion that Doris Lessing should have won the Nobel. She responded in her typical fashion by avoiding the major points, martyring herself (because she thrives on victimhood), and then reaffirming the male conspiracy in NYC to hold down women in the publishing world. She is obviously looking for a commentator spot on CNN, but she isn't going to get it.

But is there a deeper pathology behind all this?

Is T K Kenyon's hatred of men really covering for something more severe than a need to escape responsibility and scapegoat half the human race? I recommend a first chapter dose of her strident, stomach-heaving, all-men-must-die novel, RABID, for an answer. Please, read it! Here is an appetizer:

A caged ape rattled her ribs and her stomach snapped like an angry bull shark surging through chum ... the bastard, the goddamn cheating bastard.
If I were T K Kenyon's hub I would not only cheat on her but run screaming to the nearest bar! RABID is indeed a scary work of fiction, extreme and disturbing on a level hard to explain.
You must experience it, then go have a drink!

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