The New Dr. No - Eric Cantor of Virginia Opposed to Everything Obama Does

While I support Cantor's classic free market views that would deny select automakers access to tens of billions in taxpayer dollars for "bailout" purposes, I can't help but fault him for his transparent status climbing by taking a stand as Minority Whip in the House and automatically and publicly opposing everything Obama does. It's just too easy!

The Dems have acknowledged his contribution by programming him into their relentless and tireless robocallers that methodically target potential voters in states like California and Florida (where Republican seats are in danger) and say things like, "Why follow the party of no and it's leader, Eric Cantor?"

When can we centrists get our own robocallers? ... Stupid Question.

Last month, Keith Olbermann told his audience, "If House Whip Eric Cantor is the future of the Republican party, it is time to register as a Whig, or possibly a Bull Moose."

I love Keith, despite the fact that Ms. Magazine and Katherine Spillar targeted him a SEXIST who must be eliminated from the media.

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