A New Leader in The Struggle to Assert Female Chauvinism: James Bennet of The Atlantic

It appears that male bashing has become generally accepted by American culture in new and alarming ways, even among males one might consider educated, or even enlightened. No where can a better example of this new chauvinism be found than in the editorial mind of James Bennet, editor chief of The Atlantic. According to him, the problems of the world in general, or at least America, are due to the fact that too many men run things. Is James Bennet asserting directly or indirectly that the problems of the human race, suffered for millenia, are not due to anything as simple as human nature, but to men only?  Are women are in no way responsible? Yes, men only, it appears. In praise of the Hanna Rosin article, THE END OF MEN, (filled with adorable and warm anti-male venom carefully and artfully interwined with yellow journalism techniques and failed attempts at objectivity--even her BLS statistics are wrong), James Bennet of The Atlantic goes on to state confidently in his editorial:

"As usual, our politics and corporate boardrooms are lagging indicators of what is happening in the society, where women already hold most positions in middle management and would be overwhelming our universities were it not for stealthy affirmative action on behalf of overmatched young men. Small wonder the Tea Party is mostly male ..."

Well, let's digest this. JB seems to be saying that the only reason most males are allowed in colleges is because a "stealthy affirmative action" is going on. Um, this comment is on the level of a Tea Party mentality, isn't it? I mean, don't women overwhelmingly run the admin and admissions offices in colleges? Are they in on the conspiracy? Who is running this stealth program to squeeze in incompetent and biologically inferior males at the cost of keeping good women out? Who, I ask you? Oh, and btw, like Hanna Rosin, he plays fast and loose with the real stats.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, managerial occupations as a whole are 37% women.  Sorry, Jimmy boy, wrong again!

According to James Bennet's bio in The Atlantic:

"Upon accepting the position [as editor], Bennet told a Times reporter that he saw the Atlantic job as "a chance to help, encourage and preserve the practice of serious, long-form journalism."

Okay, that's really laudable. Bravo. It's just too bad that's all BS, first class ... And just so you don't get it wrong, I am totally for women flexing their brains and competing with men on all levels.  There is better balance when women are part of a workforce or a decision-making body. 

What we don't need as a species, James Bennet, is manginas like you spreading disinformation and hate.  Women don't need you to foment on their behalf. 

You give us a bad name.

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  1. Anonymous7:45 PM

    Let James Bennet of The Atlantic know these are the 2009 SAT scores. According to his stealth affirmative action conspiracy on behalf of dumb males, SAT itself must also be rigging the nationwide SAT scores, esp in math.

    Doesn't that follow?

    Top score is 800 in each SAT section:

    Critical reading
    � Average score: 501
    � Females: 498
    � Males: 503

    � Average score: 515
    � Females: 499
    � Males: 534

    � Average score: 493
    � Females: 499
    � Males: 486