Can We Hear The Rape Radio Through All The Media Static?

Professor Schulhofer Intrudes Like a True Crusader
The American Law Institute (ALI) resoundingly rejected as impractical and unconstitutional an effort by sex negative feminists and their allies in the ALI like Professors Schulhofer and his grim sidekick Erin Murphy to "reshape American sexual norms" by creating a draconian new penal code that would have given courts all over the country the necessary guidance and confidence to sentence to hard prison time tens of thousands of men for "sex crimes" ranging from attempted hand holding to kissing--in reality to every single stage and sub-stage leading to intercourse (whether or not it was achieved); and if the man could not prove he obtained "prior affirmative consent" for each rung of the sex ladder (with a theoretically endless number of rungs)  he climbed, the threat of cold prison steel would be a fact--not to mention a ruined life, lost job, sex offender registry, and so forth.

And if you are skeptical regarding what I've said above, see this piece on Professor Schulhofer and the rest of the good old "gavel and cage 'em" gang. Given that ALI and non-ALI sex negatives alike naturally share the view that sex is an unceasing act of predation that must be micromanaged in order to protect a woman's body (under threat of violation each moment she is in the presence of men), it's not surprising that even married men and long-standing relationships were on the chopping block. One "unsolicited" or "consent lacking" sexual touch and days, weeks or even years later, the jaws of prison would become a distinct possibility if the prosecutor wished to pursue. With thousands of men potentially incarcerated for such "offenses" enabled to insane reality by an affirmative consent penal code, you begin to wonder why some men believe The War on Men isn't a myth but a reality? To say that sex negative feminists applaud and support this movement towards affirmative consent and vastly expanded punitive action is an understatement.

But I digress a bit.

Self-defined Sex Negative Person
Similar to the sex-negative penal code above, the Affirmative Consent laws for colleges now living and breathing in states like California and New York, do their best to significantly increase the numbers of sex offenses while simultaneously making it impossible for the accused (invariably a man) to defend themselves. This has resulted in dozens of lawsuits against colleges across the nation, and it's no wonder since the colleges effectively remove most if not all of due process procedure when judging the accused in order to more easily facilitate findings of guilt. The supporters of these conditions have also conjured the horror of the male serial rapist roaming campuses all across America, and in the thousands, but I can't understand why not a single one of these serial offenders has yet been tagged and caged. Not even one... Hmmmm? Could it be a myth?

Regardless, the sex-negative feminists, together with their state and university lobbyists and social media supporters, are transparently overreaching to extend the rape and assault umbrella over sexual acts that are considered consensual by both parties at the time. They also wish to enable post-coitus reconsideration and group discussion that results weeks, months, or even years later in a finding of technical "rape" due to the presence of alcohol and/or lack of "affirmative consent"--itself a hydra of legal issues and constitutional infractions (noted above). The sex negatives at Harvard, e.g., basically want men accused of rape 24/7 regardless of circumstances, since they argue we women can't give consent with any real certainty because we're mind controlled by the patriarchy.  OMG! And who does this mentally ill BS really serve?

And what is the result of all the above?

Once we wade through the court cases overturning affirmative consent convictions now mixed with aggressive sex negative lobbying and the redefining of sex as criminal, coupled with talk of thousands of stalking serial rapists and obsessive media coverage of absurdly overblown cases like the Mattress Girl of Columbia and Jackie of UVA, what do we have? Maximum static. And what else? An ever growing amount of apathy as a result while the static gets louder and louder. Even media outlets notably biased against men in their reporting and editorials thrive on the controversial cases such as the ones at Columbia, Duke University, and UVA. After all, just plain old rape is dull news. Grandstanding mattress hauling and fantasized gang rapes worthy of Clockwork Orange bring in more readers and advertising clicks.

Am I being cynical? No. Just realistic.

When every woman is potentially assaulted and raped, no woman is assaulted and raped. As waves of unceasing news and social media static often drown out or marginalize real victims of sexual assault and rape, the American public loses their ability to focus and sympathize. Real victims are made to seem like oversensitive girls manufacturing a crime long after the fact, or attention-seekers grandstanding their victimhood, or just plain liars out for revenge. It's the oh-here-we-go-again cry wolf effect. How much more obvious can all this be?
When every woman is potentially assaulted and raped, no woman is assaulted and raped. As waves of unceasing news and social media static often drown out or marginalize real victims of sexual assault and rape, the American public loses their ability to focus and sympathize.
This is where we're at now and it's getting worse. By doing whatever it takes to greatly expand definitions of rape and sexual assault while smearing the Constitution as a "document written by rapists" and cheering on 24/7 victim theater in its many forms, the many sex negative feminists on college campuses and elsewhere--in their quest to punish and belittle men by whatever means necessary--are now in the process of undoing all that anti-rape activists have fought for, and over the course of many years.

Let them combine with the commercial news media to once again force us to endure a few more debacles like the Duke lacrosse case or gang rape UVA and we'll practically guarantee that not a single victim of real rape will be heard. She'll be typecast as just another embittered hoaxer or deluded fraud.

BTW, does everyone know that Mattress Girl is a star in her own porno film online now? She calls it art, but you can judge for yourself.

Personally, I am disgusted by it on every level.


  1. Claiming police won't cooperate in order to avoid filing a police report is a cop out, the sign of a liar, and if not, then a cowardly betrayal that leaves the other women still vulnerable to attack.

    If young women are being raped by the same guy again and again, there is no excuse that will excuse not going to law enforcement.

  2. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Very good balanced view of major sex case at Occidental Lots of facts and testimony. IMO it shows the efforts of Occidental faculty and staff to coerce a young woman into making a false claim of rape.


  3. Marty1:52 PM

    Speaking of a study throwing in everything but the kitchen sink to inflate domestic violence stats. They even include all kinds of psychological and financial issues which are all two-sided stories. This is far from a validation of what it purports to show and only dilutes the meaning of domestic violence into meaninglessness. Can you imagine claiming to be a victim of domestic violence because your were arm twisted into going to a religious observance or you denied ten bucks?