A Must See: Christina Hoff Sommers and Camille Paglia Meet To Discuss "Feminism"

CHS: I gave a lecture at Oberlin and Georgetown a year ago, and they organized safe spaces for students who were “triggered” — a Philosophy professor was going to induce PTSD. What they objected to is that I might have some ideas that invalidate their experience.
CP: They’re institutionalizing neurosis.
CHS: It’s absolutely true!
CP: That’s what they’re doing. It’s absolute madness.
CHS: And have you heard the phase, the ‘fashion on campus’ now is called, ‘intersectional feminism’, and it’s supposedly very progressive and it’s going to take feminism to a place where it is taking into account women with multiply marginalized identities, on and on. But all of the women — the practitioner — seem to meet at the intersection of propaganda and neurosis and rage. And they’re bullying people.
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CP: That’s what education has come to. Absolutely. The definition down is  “therapeutic resorts.”
CHS: Oh yes! And they have “feelings circles;” they have reflection journals. It’s this odd mix of therapy and anger — the word for this style of activism is ‘cry bullies’ because they’re both victim and victimizer.
That’s the new style of campus intersectionality. They actually do to other people what they claim was done to them. They treat people, they objectify and they stereotype and they demonize and then they try to get these people punished.
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