Bottle Billions At Stake -- Will Pro-Bush Saxby Chambliss Bring Osama Bin Laden Into This?

For years, health groups and concerned parents have been battling county and state bureaucracies over junk food sales in American public schools. Definitive studies have proved that junk food and bottled drinks (including so-called sports drinks like Gatorade) are not only unhealthy but lead to depressed grades and OBESITY! Reality check--the brain needs real nutrients to operate properly and the body needs healthy food to prevent heart disease. DUH. Now Senator Harkin has introduced a bill that would force the U.S. government, specifically, Dept. of Agriculture (God save us all), to set appropriate standards for food nutrition in schools. Course, that won't prevent the bureaucrats from writing "rules" to dilute the law, and besides, who is going to enforce it? DOA? ... Ok, ok, it's still a good idea and a great step, yes.

Regardless, the lobbyists representing Coca-Cola, Pepsi and other bottlers (annual sales of sports drinks reached $7.5 billion in 2006) are naturally lying through their green Gatorade teeth and claiming that that sports drinks and sweetened waters are lower in calories and actually good for high school students and young athletes, and they're going all out spending millions in marketing to prove it. A TV ad for Gatorade, e.g., has NBA player Kevin Garnett slapping around like a stupid milkman and setting Gatorade bottles at the doorsteps of homes just filled with handsome active models impersonating parents.

Anyway, all concerned parties are on board with Harkin's bill. More than 100 organizations, from the American Federation of Teachers to the Yale Prevention Research Center, support the new law. BUT GUESS WHO IS IN THE WAY? Why is it that it seems easier to sign up a member of the Republican party to defeat anything that might really make a difference to human health? Is that true or am I delusional? Pro-beverage lobbyists, shareholders and execs are betting their money on pro-bev politicians like ranking Republican member, the grand and honorable Senator Saxby Chambliss. And btw, he represents Coke's home state of Georgia. It's the real thing, Coke is.

I do declare, Saxby, yoh razah-thin lips been kissn' that ass o glass for waaay too long!

I must remind everyone that Chambliss is the George Bush political clone who beat Max Cleland in Georgia by running absurd attack adverts associating Cleland with photos of Osama Bin Laden--and simply because Cleland was attempting to be sensible about the Iraq war. So with his connections to terrorists, maybe Chambliss can now ask Bin Laden to return and pose with Harkin or perhaps members of the Amercian Federation of Teachers. That should turn the tide for Coke, obesity and stupidity notwithstanding.

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