What Do We Expect the Bush Bureaucrat General To Say?

I'm not going to waste time blathering on at length about the BS that General Petraeus is vomiting on Capitol Hill along with Ambassador Crocker (don't get me started). Of course, the surge is working! But why can't someone get to the f'n point already? Have we changed centuries of blood feud culture? Have we calmed their thirst for power? Have we stopped the influence of Iran and Syria? Have we stopped the influence of terrorist leaders? Have we changed their opinions about American infidels? Have we created an Iraqi government the country will accept as legitimate? Can we point a gun at their heads forever? Do we expect the bureaucrat general to agree with the Dick Cheney 1994 comments (see video below this post) noting an Iraq invasion as a waste of time and life?

The answer to all of these questions? You already know. Write the Dems and any elephants with half a brain and a speck of morality. Tell them to END THE BULLSHIT. Damn the Bush legacy!

BTW, below is a video with Keith Olbermann who comments on the White House editing of the September Petraeus report to Congress. Worth watching.

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