Reverend Wright or White? Hillary Clinton and Her Sleazy Campaign Guns Arranged The National Press Club Meeting.

If you don't see the connection between Hillary and this latest sleazy attack on Obama via Reverend Wright, you are either very foolish or brain washed by Hillary. I once supported her, but this latest tactic is no better than the Karl Rove push-polling crap that propelled George Bush to the White House in 2000.

Yes, it's that bad!

Are we doomed to elect only the most prolific and outrageous liar, namely Hillary Clinton? Are we that corrupt as a people? Are we that stupid?

But back to the press club incident with that "black man" Reverend Wright (is he really black?). If Brit Hume can be believed:

It turns out the woman who organized Reverend Jeremiah Wright's event at the National Press Club, Monday, is a Hillary Clinton supporter. Barbara Reynolds is a member of the Press Club's Speakers Committee and coordinated the event which some critics suggest did irreparable harm to Barack Obama's campaign.

On a blog linked to her Web site, Reynolds wrote in a February post "my vote for Hillary Clinton in the Maryland primary was my way of saying thank you." She also wrote Obama’s theme of hope is "not based on facts." And, in a later entry she hit out at his handling of the Reverend Wright controversy saying, "the senator is fuelling the media characterization that Reverend Doctor Wright is some retiring old uncle in the church basement."

I despise the media, even more than Hilary Clinton.

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