“Toast!” blared The New York Post - Is The Punditocracy Right This Time?

It can't be doubted. Assuming a truck doesn't run over Obama, he's gripped the Dems by the short and curlies. He will be the party nominee to run against McCain--despite the best efforts of Fox News, Limbaugh, and the rest. And that is satisfying to me, knowing that the great and powerful neocons of Oz and their flying monkeys were not sufficient to stop Obama, not to mention the efforts of bribe-bundling trolls like Robert Zimmerman of NY who like others in Hillary's campaign did his best to make Reverend Wright into another Willie Horton.

But Hillary won't give in. Just today, Geoff Garin, her lead strategist, told reporters, “We think the results last night [Indiana] strengthen the case that she will be the strongest candidate for the Democratic Party in November.”

Obviously, her camp followers, still in denial, won't stop fueling her ego.

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