Hillary vs. the Patriarchy. Remembering Erica Jong and Her Idol-Worship of Hillary in The Washington Post

The anti-democratic feminist viewpoint of Hillary-can-do-no-wrong-and-if-she-appears-to-do-so-it's-only-a-lie-of-the-patriarchy, was perhaps best represented by author Erica Jong back in Feb. who told us she can doubtless trust Hillary no matter what contrary information comes her way. Anyone who criticizes Hillary MUST be lying!

Fair and balanced as Fox News, eh?
It's amazing how the left continues to ape the right in its zeal to censor and avoid. AND THAT IS WHY I CANNOT STOP TALKING ABOUT DEMS AND HILLARY!
Anyway, to somone like Erica Jong, Hillary is nothing less than a mythical Wonder Woman--using her bracelets to deflect bullets fired by the imaginary snipers of Bosnia and her political "magic lasso" to hypnotize Americans into forgetting she voted with the big corporate bankers to saddle Americans with 30% credit card rates (among other things)! Her love of Hillary gives her enough radar to locate and denounce all lurking, omnipresent extremist misogynists, i.e., all those men and their female stooges who do not idol-worship her like Erica does. But Ms. Jong, like the other Hillary supporters who refuse to see Hillary for what she has become, who refuse for example to even denounce her Bosnia lie and chalk it up with a casual shrug and a What do you expect?, are all doing their part to bring about the ruination of their country in the same way Bush supporters did in the early years. As evidence mounted that Bush was a sociopathic moron, they just shrugged.
By excusing the lies, the Hillary apologists in effect become willing co-conspirators, corrupt campaign aides in the field. Hillary was supposed to be different, better, not a Dem version of George Bush!
Why is it so difficult for "feminist democrats" and "progressive men" to see that?

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    Your comments about Hillary are lies! Lies! Lies!