"Denver! Denver!" Hillary's Campaign Throws a Collective Tantrum and Promises Scorched Earth - Starring Harriet Christian of New York

Howard Dean was shouted down, booed, and heckled by Hillary's supporters, as were other members of the Democratic committee that met recently to hash out the contentious Michigan/Florida delegate issue. Once it became clear that Hillary would not get the Michigan votes she wanted (where Obama was not on the ballot) her supporters chanted "Denver! Denver!" as a collective threat ... meaning, they will earth-scorch the Democratic party if Hillary doesn't get the delegates she wants.

Such behavior by the Hillary/Bill mob is now soooo beyond the pale. Her followers apparently will bring more war to this country if their candidate doesn't win. They will hand the RNC the victory they need to continue the looting of the American treasury and the killing of Americans.

Oh, and Howard Dean must now be the biggest misogynist in the universe, no?

Regardless, here is a bit of tragicomic relief. Is there such a thing as a liberal redneck? Let's ask Harriet Christian, a Hillary supporter from New York City:

And in case Harriet should forget:

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