Profile of a Fox News Slogger and Sociopath, Michelle Malkin, Doing Her Part to Keep The War Money Flowing

One of the favorite darlings of the oil and debt Republicans, slogger (sleazy + blogger) Malkin, is at it again. Taking the Fox News-Corporate-Right-Murdoch party line because she is utterly incapable of doing anything that actually smacks of free will, Malkin has pronounced on her slog (sleazy + blog) that anyone who dares prefer Obama over Bush Redux is automatically supporting terrorists and wants America to "fail" ... As if we succeeded with Bush and now we just want to undo his grand accomplishments?

Michelle Malkin's view is so infantile and brown-nosing, I don't know where to start. Should I roll with pigs and get slop on me? Here is what she says:

If a bin Laden tape comes out tomorrow singing “I’m a vote Obama-way”, it would no longer be new information to me. Yeah, we get it. People who want to see America humbled and defeated reliably and continually advocate Obama. Something about his presidency, they think, will bring more success to their nefarious plans and fulfill their interests.

If she didn't get her paycheck from Fox News, I would believe her a paranoid schizophrenic in need of a thorazine dart. Late breaking news, Michelle: you stop terrorists by cutting off their funding and attacking the leadership. Do your homework! Spending billions funding your favorite corporate contractors with enough left over to make sure our people die useless deaths, does nothing to combat terrorism. It only helps Fox News execs who own shares in companies that are growing richer and richer in Iraq.

Stop being a sociopath for a few minutes, k?



  1. Don't know why this dated post is up on Web del Sol's front page, but Michelle Malkin just did a webathon that sent $1 million worth of July 4th care packages t soldiers in theater. You may despise her politics, but how much have you done for troop morale lately?

  2. Don't know why the date of the post on Web del Sol makes any difference to you.

    As for Malkin, whatever she "did" was more likely a publicity stunt than anything else, designed to make guys like you think she's somehow less than sociopathic.

    As for the war, anything that prolongs, glorifies, or otherwise justifies it must be placed in the category of malevolent. This war is a crime against America and her people, as well as the people of Iraq. It is a corporate war based on lies, fought for the wrong reasons, serving only the special interests of the Bush family, American oil, Haliburton, Saudi Arabia, and others. Our stop-lossed soldiers need to be brought home, not webathoned by lackeys of the Vulcan-like execs of Fox News.

    I think a couple of plane tickets would be far better for morale.

    As long as people like you are wandering the streets of this country, the truth is bound to be obscured by ignorance and hatefulness.

    Say hi to Rush and Rupert while you're at it, ok Jim?

    My patience for your type is at an end. I can no more tolerate your opinion than patriots of old could have tolerated opinions loyal to the ruinous policies of King George--another famous tyrant.

    Look to the welfare of your nation, sir, and cease your petty sniping.

  3. "As long as people like you are wandering the streets of this country, the truth is bound to be obscured by ignorance and hatefulness."

    That's pretty rich coming from someone who gets totally bummed out by care packages for the troops and can't even tolerate the idea of someone who might not hate Michelle Malkin as much as she does. If you'd rather help out with plane tickets, I'm sure you can still donate frequent flyer miles.