BBC Reports Garry Kasparov Jailed Over Rally - Ya Gotta Love Garry!

I've always loved Garry Kasparov and I'm proud of him. He's throwing his own shoe at injustice and tyranny, and Americans should learn something from him.

According to the BBC report:

He and other opposition figures were detained during a rally organised by Mr Kasparov's Other Russia coalition. Police moved in when protesters marched on the election commission. Mr Kasparov was charged with resisting arrest and organising an unauthorised protest.

The incident came a week before polls which supporters of President Vladimir Putin are widely expected to win. Other Russia brings together a broad coalition of mainstream politicians, leftists and nationalists, all of whom are opposed to the Kremlin.

Garry can be bit of a showboat, but whatever helps the cause of true democracy in hammer-and-sickle land is ok with me.

Here is some "Real Time with Bill Maher" starring Garry:

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