The Historic Rape of The American Treasury, and America's Future, Continues in The Final Days of the Bush Administration

And I thought the deficit was ONLY two trillion? OMG. WE ARE UP TO $7.4 trillion AND COUNTING!

The organized Bush mob are looting and pirating sums that even the wildest fantasy could not conceive. According to a few media patriots at CNBC who are keeping close tabs on the money, we've just spent in the past year, twice the amount of money we spent for all of World War II! And yes, that is inflation adjusted!!!

This is insanity, absolute criminal insanity. We need a revolution. If Obama doesn't clamp down on this and get our money back, he is no one to be trusted.

My poor country!

I have no words to express my rage. America, awake! Please.

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  1. Anonymous6:58 AM

    Thanks to the following media peeps for keeping tabs on the rape of the American treasury:

    CNBC's Steve Liesman, Sabrina Korber, Sean Entwistle, Yolaiki Gonzalez, Giovanny Moreano, and Ariel Nelson.