Earth to Obama, Your Theatrics Are Not Fooling Us!

Our talk-the-talk BS artist in the White House, Barack Obama, stated at a recent jobs summit: "The single most important thing we could do right now for deficit reduction is to spark strong economic growth."

Um, well, Mr. President, you did everything but spark growth with that last $800 billlion or so stimulus package (created by corporate lobbyists and special interests to make a trap for fools). Instead, you dangerously increased the national budget deficit even more! Can you even do the math? ... Now your favorite Wall Street buddies (who bribe you with millions in party benefits then diss you by not even showing up to meet with you at the White House) like CitiGroup, GS, BOA are in the process of desiring to give huge chunks of bailout money back (related perhaps to the severity and threat of the recent Judge Rakoff decision?), money these banks never needed or deserved, money YOU let them have.

In the above meeting, Obama had the unbelievable nerve to state that the federal government pulled these banks from the brink with public money, when WE ALL NOW KNOW that they never needed it in the first place! He creates his own reality as he goes, just like George Bush. He makes me want to have a tantrum!!!

Just so you know, Mr. President, your act isn't fooling everyone. You're watching the polls. You see us getting cranky over it, and you adjust your speechmaking accordingly.

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  1. Anonymous6:49 PM

    You're off the mark here. Obama is the best thing to happen to America since multigrain bread. He knows what he's doing, palaver. Stop blabbing and listen and you might learn something. Thank God for Obama!