New Insanity: Why is Carol Moore Still Heaping Blame on The Norfolk Four and Now Blaming John Grisham?

"Let him walk in our shoes, let's see how he would feel," a sobbing Moore told The Associated Press in a telephone interview from her Pittsburgh home. "This is nothing but political and John Grisham."

The above statement, to me, is just as ludicrously false as saying that the earth is flat because Obama has decided it is. How can Carol Moore, mother of the victim in the Norfolk Four case, be so woefully ignorant of the facts? She reminds me of a deluded child talked into believing her nursery school teacher turned into a catlike demon and flew after her! Scary, very scary. And people like her even sit on juries. How do you think Paul Shanley landed in prison?

This poor dear blames the author John Grisham for getting the evil perps out of jail cause he's so stupid, you know, and just looking for attention, and he doesn't care if vicious killers go free.

According to Grisham, commenting on the Norfolk Four case to the Post:

It's the most egregious case of wrongful conviction I've seen, and I travel around the country listening to stories about these cases.

I'm not saying Carol Moore is intentionally lying to get attention or a place on a talk show, or perhaps a book deal, but I am saying I totally and utterly repudiate her contentions that the innocent men of the Norfolk Four had anything to do with her daughter's murder. I'm sure she was lied to by the police and prosecutor, or at least misled.

Please, Carol, really look at the facts. Stop this public display.


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