Flu Warning: Beware The Drug Companies - The New York Review of Books Recaps The Flu Hoax, and Helen Names Heidi Jolson as the FDA Culprit

Helen Epstein of The New York Review of Books recently penned a thorough and enraging recap of the Tamilflu and Swine Flu hoaxes on the part of Big Pharma and how they evolved to a a multi-billion pay off for these companies.  This is an excellent slice of premium investigative journalism and I can't praise it more highly. If the Obama Justice Department knows even half what Helen Epstein knows, then we know for sure this is just another example of this administration turning a blind eye to criminal behavior (while persecuting legal medical marijuana dispensaries in California).

I had no idea, but it turns out that Relenza (GlaxoSmithKline) and Tamilflu (Roche) not only produced useless and ineffective anti-flu vaccines as part of their long term "pandemic preparedness" programs--which they later sold to the U.S. and other nations for billions--but according to Epstein's research, as made possible by Roche's branch in Japan (apparently not locked down into silence by Roche brass), these substances are actually the cause of neuropathic illness and death.  Over 20 cases of people dying from Relenza alone, suffocated alive. This is no joke, my dears.  As Epstein notes:
The active ingredient in Tamiflu was discovered in 1989 by an Australian biotechnology company that licensed it to the British firm GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). The company gave it the trade name Relenza, carried out clinical trials, and submitted the results to the FDA in 1999.26 The FDA scientific panel that reviewed this evidence was unimpressed; it noted that the drug—a powder for oral inhalation—had little effect on influenza symptoms and seemed to worsen breathing problems in people with asthma. The panel members voted 13–4 against approval, but the agency overruled them and approved the drug anyway. The head of the FDA’s antiviral drug program, Heidi Jolson, justified this decision on the grounds that Relenza might be useful for some patients, and even a weakly effective drug was better than nothing, given the fears then circulating about “avian flu.”
Working for Big Pharma and no doubt hoping for a revolving door payoff at the end, Heidi Jolson allows Relenza on the market.  By the way, why should an appointed bureaucrat have the power to overrule 13 scientists in the first place?  Who benefits?

And further:
In 2008, an article in the journal Drug Safety, signed by a group of Roche authors, claimed that rats and mice, both given a very high dose of Tamiflu, showed no ill effect.38 But according to documents submitted to the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare by Chugai, the Japanese Roche subsidiary, the exact same dose of Tamiflu killed more than half of the animals. As they died, the rats exhibited many of the same central nervous system symptoms that Hama had described in his case series on the Japanese children.
So, Roche Pharma, everywhere but Japan, hid the fact that the real tests caused half the lab animals to die.  They deliberately falsified the results of Tamiflu tests they provided the FDA, and of course, they had their people on the job there, like Heidi, to make sure that no pesky scientists got in the way. But it goes deeper. The infiltration of GSK and Roche into places like the World Health Organization, and more, is documented by Epstein:
During the ten years leading up to the pandemic declaration of 2009, scientists associated with the companies that were to profit from the WHO’s “pandemic preparedness” programs, including Roche and GlaxoSmithKline, were involved at virtually every stage of the development of those programs. The companies funded the documents giving guidance on preparing for the influenza pandemic, in which the WHO recommended the stockpiling of Tamiflu and Relenza. Consultants drafted parts of these documents and joined WHO officials in fund-raising for the Tamiflu stockpile. Industry-supported scientists were also on the committee that issued the “pandemic emergency declaration.”49 That announcement caused developing countries to request assistance from the WHO’s Tamiflu stockpile fund, and these requests contributed to a tripling of the drug’s sales in 2009.50 By declaring a pandemic and linking the response to Tamiflu stockpiling, the WHO could not have done a better job of promoting Roche’s interests.
So there you have it.  Money, corruption, inFLUence. The U.S. gov bought off again, and again.

Read the entire article when you get the chance.  Roche and GSK are like viruses that infected the once-healthy bodies of places like WHO, FDA, and CDC. 

Where is the social vaccine we need to stop these people, I ask you?

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  1. Anonymous2:26 AM

    The article needs to get its facts right.. Relenza and Tamiflu are NOT anti-flu vaccines.. they are anti-viral, two very differnt things..
    And to add to the article, Relenza and Tamiflu are very different compounds, even though they do the same thing.. Hence why there is Tamiflu resistant flu, and not relenza resistance flu..