Ask "Why?" America!

Ask why President Obama's White House intentionally leaked the now infamous "kill list" to the New York Times during an election year?  According to the Huffington Post:

"Democrats, while condemning the stories, pushed back against the notion that they had been deliberately leaked by the Obama administration."

But anonymous sources confirm that the White House indeed intentionally leaked the kill list which portrays Obama as tough on terrorists.  In reality, he is directly responsible for the slaying of scores of noncombatant civilians including women and children, and Americans, all in hopes of perhaps eliminating an Al Queda "suspect" ... shades of Vietnam and the echo of "communist sympathizers" ...

If you don't believe Obama leaked it, then why isn't he vigorously crying foul?  It appears it really doesn't matter to him. All's fair in love, war and politics, right? After all, if those raggy beards were not sympathetic to Al Queda why would they be 20 yards away drinking espresso in the town square? So what if we blow them away?  Their own country of Yemen certainly doesn't give a camel turd.

Yes, Mr. Obama, you're so tough on terrorists, and we now we know just how tough?  You won't issue an official denial of the kill list, will you? No.

A liberal law professor ... Barack Obama.

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