Melanie Boyd Puts Smiley Face on Punitive Sex Crime Tribunals : The Yale Feminist Who Theorizes Sexual Assault Issues In Her Spare Time and Supports Universal Application of Affirmative Consent in American Life As a Path to "Feminist Sexual Power"

Why Does Melanie Boyd Remind Me of My Sweet
but Sex-hating, Buttinski Jewish Mother Who
Loved to Micromanage Everyone Else's Life?
"Grounding women’s emancipation, sexual and otherwise, on such a sweeping use of criminal punishment and civil incapacitation (e.g., expulsion from college with a transcript marking one as a sexual wrongdoer)  has led feminist reformers to take several stances typically thought to be hallmarks of social conservatism.  They are seeking social control through punitive and repressive deployments of state power.  They are criminalizing as a first rather than a last resort to achieving social change.  They are affirming indifference to the punishment of innocent conduct. They have moved well to the right of civil-liberties-oriented liberalism in their advocacy for swift and sure punishment unimpeded by due process restraints."

        - Janet Halley

Melanie Boyd, btw, please see my heartfelt note to you in all caps at the base of this page, thank you. Oh, and to all who stop by, I included a list below of actual studies on female sexual aggression. As for me, I've been sexually aggressive my whole life and loved every moment of it. The Catherine MacKinnon viewpoint (wellspring of the Melanie Boyd sex-negative world) that depends on the woman always being the passive and coerced participant is both inaccurate and silly, and btw only a concept that a woman who fears and hates sex could have imagined in the first place. And to all you out there who do fear and hate sex, that's fine, just go have your own party and stop trying to enforce your viewpoints on the rest of us. Pretty please? 

"Culture Activist"
Before we get on to the business of Melanie Boyd of Yale, the miss warm-and-fuzzy-aw-shucks Ivy League "sexual culture activist" and spokesperson for Affirmative Consent--who bills it as a harmless and sensible all-American pursuit that wouldn't hurt a sex starved fly--I note that the below snippet of blog commentary was cropped from a long thread connected to one of many debates on Huffington Post concerning the application of Affirmative Consent (AC) as a universal constant on college campuses across the United States. Perhaps it's just me, but I continually find it odd that certain heterosexual white women crowing about AC as a must-have on college campuses and in American bedrooms appear to see AC policy and law as a one-way street. If not, then why do they never discuss AC in terms of having to acquire or seek prior consent from their male partner for various acts of sex? How about just one, "Is it okay if I stick my finger up your ass, Bob?" or "I made sure to ask Rudolpho last night if I could kiss his throbbing member." No, not one. It's invariably about their obedient, well-trained male partner attempting to seek, or failing to seek (oh no, release the hounds!), ongoing stage-based prior sexual consent from them.

Might a few weeks of psychoanalysis reveal this unfair circumstance to be the result of narcissist power trips? Or perhaps a subconscious misandry that smugly grins each time their naked male partner quizzes with yet another "Will that be okay, schmoopy?" Or could it be a nurtured inheritance from a matriarchal micromanaging mother who bullied the emasculated father into begging for sex? That's one way to assure sexual dominance.

What do you think, my dear and precious Yale sex authorities? Your Melanie Boyd, working to institutionalize neurosis, has figured it out, and that's obvious when she states: "Determining consent post facto in a disciplinary hearing may be difficult (and disciplinary boards will sometimes get it wrong), but in media res agreement is clear." WELL YEAH! We know, Mel. No fooling honey! But the dark side of AC isn't about reality or normal passion-building sexual behavior, it's about sexual politics that favor one gender while punishing another, and about creating snares for that targeted gender--not to mention inflating sexual assault statistics to reinforce the notion of "campus rape epidemic."

In media res, agreement for sex surrounds us. Every night, millions of college students all across this great land are having sex, and hopefully darn good sex full of passionate aggression on the part of both parties. But there is no camera in the bedroom, my friends. We cannot micro-parse the beautiful language of healthy sex into a theoretically infinite number of affirmative consent infractions--not without a political agenda.

The core "gotcha"
legal snake in the grass
of Affirmative Consent
Btw I could be wrong on all counts about the real psychological motivations behind this apparent one-way consent street, but when the one-way AC street gets paved, and paved quite often, one begins to wonder as to the true motivation some people have for cheering on a circumstance backed by an authoritative gavel of punishment that only serves the needs of an elite victims-in-wait club--after all, doesn't a single misstep by a male when climbing the AC sex ladder towards paradise create an instant victim of sexual violence? Yes, it does! No question. Just nail down any AC feminist type in academia or elsewhere and she'll tell you, Yale man: You fucked up! Betty Blamethem says that four months ago on a Saturday you attempted digital penetration at 10:32 AM between two separate acts of coitus and heavy petting but you failed to acquire sufficient consent from her before said attempt (real AC court case -- start here and explore further).

Gotcha! Sexual violence will not be tolerated at this university. OMG! On to the sex-crimes star chamber, the UWC for fair and balanced processing (not to be confused with "due process"). As at other colleges, your accuser might be behind a screen to "prevent further trauma," and your questions are naturally ignored or unfairly limited, exculpatory evidence can be denied, and a room packed with angry sex negatives and their sycophants are staring you down as if you were The Night Stalker.

At many colleges, you are a rapist until proven a rapist. Justice is served.

As a matter of fact, see my comment and link below regarding the American Law Institute's rejection of a profoundly sex negative penal code modeled on stage-based sex snares. This might shake you into cold reality, guys and gals. Major AC players like Melanie Boyd of Yale want America dancing to their sexual power song, and so many like her with so much to gain won't stop singing it. Might we conjecture that the vision of hundreds of new sex crime courts on a state and local level is one that creates multiple orgasms in the sex negative universe?

Btw, why does this young woman have such a problem with our fuzzball Melanie? Does she doubt her genuine concern?... No, that's not it. I recommend a close read. I'm afraid Melanie is once again acting like my sex-hating, buttinski Jewish mother. Will she ever stop?

Back to the precious ones driving the one-way street. Perhaps in their minds, AC legal statutes now on the books in a few states absolve them from any responsibility. I can't speak for them all. Technically, the law does not absolve them of responsibility, however, when it comes to prosecution and expulsion, or to any punitive action for alleged stage-based AC violation, the record shows that males are the primary beneficiaries of this warm and fuzzy policy by a ratio of 100 to 1 at least?
On to the sex crimes star chamber... Your accuser might be behind a screen to "prevent further trauma," and your questions are naturally ignored or unfairly limited, exculpatory evidence can be denied, and a room packed with angry sex negatives and their sycophants are staring you down as if you were The Night Stalker. 
I wonder how that happens? Could Miss Ali tell us?

But heck, Melanie Boyd of Yale might tell you, if pressed after class over a few martinis, that all those fucking man bastards it coming, especially since her brand of feminist "sexual assault theory" primarily redefines all male sexual behavior as assault or theoretical assault depending on the alleged victim's point of view (read her work on this issue, not just her smiley face articles). Melanie is, after all, a student of Catherine MacKinnon (see below).

Affirmative Consent Treat
For Ali's Boyfriend
As for Miss Ali above, I feel sorry for her poor mutt of a boyfriend. Imagine him tirelessly and nervously asking her time and time if everything is okay. Can I do this, Ali? How about that, Ali? Do you want me to kiss your butt? Would you mind, Ali? OMG! The very presence of a man like that would freeze my vagina shut. How the hell can either one of them see this as sexy? And how the devil can he maintain an erection if he's focused constantly on getting the AC formula permission thing down straight? I can imagine a bit of curiosity and rules adjustment in the very beginning, but to have to go through this ordeal indefinitely?

It's weird and sick, and it serves only one type of personality, and not one I would own much less defend.

BTW, if I were on the college sex tribunal and looking for opportunities to dig for infractions, I might see the above statement as an admission of sexual assault, and most likely, of many counts of sexual assault. All part of the evidence package, because Miss Ali fails to note here, and in other posts on the subject, that she either seeks or obtains any form of prior consent from her anonymous male partner. Does she, or doesn't she? Surely, if this man were to make accusations of AC-based assault against her, days or months later, Miss Ali would be hard pressed to prove she obtained prior consent for her many acts of sexual behavior, even for so much as a kiss on the finger (which AC philosophy might term "a clear act of sexual violence").

Personally, I think Miss Ali might be shilling on behalf of bigger AC tuna, but who knows.

Dare Disagree With Me
And I'll Label You 
Not surprisingly, the tribe of sex negatives, victim cultists, and Amanda Marcotte (btw who asserts that anyone who disagrees with her on AC issues is "anti-feminist") wannabes are clamoring for the legal and institutional stamp of AC across the board asap. On comment threads and forum boards on Internet these persons pose and prattle about voiding the "male rapist" U.S Constitution, the need for special national sex courts that disallow juries and due process, and last but not least, the widespread and irrevocable prison-hard slam down of AC into the non-college world complete with arm-long lists of codified AC sex offenses--alleged non-consensual hand holding just a misdemeanor (punished only by sex offender registration and a stiff fine).

**** If you think the above sounds exaggerated or ridiculous, guys and gals, think again.

You most likely don't know about a movement by sex negative AC feminists within the American Law Institute to create a new model penal code that redefines a broad array of sexual behaviors and actions (from hand holding to final thrust) as jail-time criminal, i.e., if prior consent by the alleged victim cannot be proved (and of course, it can't). AC cheer leaders just like Melanie Boyd of Yale were lobbying for this with all guns blazing. But they failed. Prominent attorneys and judges in the ALI, many of them legendary feminist women, thumpingly rejected the punitive world of the Melanie Boyds. And who would think--despite Amanda Marcotte's declaration that they must all be anti-feminist, rape culture yahoos to have dared such an opinion!!!

But shucks and heck, like Melanie Boyd says in her Huffington Post article, it's all warm and fuzzy stuff, this affirmative consent apple pie. It's no problem. Want a slice? It's just all about respect for women, right? It's that simple... Right? Hmmmm. Well, I will affirm for the record, that I would never date much less have major sex with a man who did not treat me with respect. But I wonder if Melanie has it straight. I mean, does she have the whole picture here clearly in her noggin? Let's take a quote from the ALI opponents of AC doctrine to get a really good look at the dark side, the side Melanie ignores, the side that accused must face in college sex tribunals or in the feminist affirmative consent-based sex court of the future:
"At every stage of every physical relationship, the “perpetrator” is at risk with no safe harbor of any type. If the initiator got positive agreement “sufficient to show affirmative permission” (Discussion Draft No. 2, Substantive Material, at 54) to initiate a kiss, the initiator is still at risk because the accuser can always counter by asserting, “I didn’t say you could kiss me that way.” If the initiator got positive agreement the next identical kiss because, “I didn’t say you could kiss me twice.” The draft acknowledges that its standard “requires the fact finder to focus on the existence of consent regarding each of the disputed sex acts.” Id. and Section 213.0(3)."

          - American Law Institute Members In Opposition to The Affirmative Consent Penal Code
Yes, "every stage" and "disputed sex acts." And here is the rub, ladies and gents. The warm and fuzzy Melanie Boyds of the world will act as if the above just isn't true. All a myth. 

But in fact, it is true, all too terribly and frighteningly true. 


An excellent debate wherein Wendy McElroy
exposes fraudulent statistics used to support the notion of rape culture

Compare the words and behavior of Nancy vs. Alexandra below

OMG, dig this AC bozo! The good doctor says it must be verbal?

One last thing, to Melanie Boyd and all the other Affirmative Consenters, young or old, who are trying really really hard to define the behavior of American women in the bedroom according to their own biases, need for control, and psychological issues they have with men and sex in general: 


I am not a follower of Catherine M, Andrea D, or any other role model haters of this ilk. I know how to give consent. I don't hate men or women. I hate assholes and hypocrites, narcissists and control freaks.

And I mean it sincerely.


Note the underpinnings of AC below by that dear Catherine MacKinnon:


MacKinnon Triumphant - Affirmative
Consent is Her Fondest Dream Come True
"Recent scholarship includes some novel approaches to the legal definition of rape. MacKinnon, for instance, has recommended that a broadened understanding of force (as including hierarchies of power) should be supplemented not by a nonconsent requirement, but by a standard of “welcomeness.” A consent standard, she observes, incorporates gender hierarchy by assuming that men initiate sexual contact which women then either accept or refuse, whereas a welcomeness standard suggests the centrality of “choice, mutuality, and desire” (2005, 243). She explains her approach as follows:
The idea here is not to prohibit sexual contact between hierarchical unequals per se but to legally interpret sex that a hierarchical subordinate says was unwanted in the context of the forms of force that animate the hierarchy between the parties. To counter a claim that sex was forced by inequality, a defendant could (among other defenses) prove the sex was wanted—affirmatively and freely wanted—despite the inequality, and was not forced by the socially entrenched forms of power that distinguish the parties. (247-48)"
The above is the origin of AC. Good luck to those defendants attempting to disprove socially entrenched power presence while arguing the sex was affirmatively desired.

Catherine knows that's impossible. Thus, Affirmative Consent is born and the rest will be history.


(courtesy of Free Thoughts Blog)

Aizeman & Kelley, 1988 – 14% of men (and 29% of women) reported they had been forced to have intercourse against their will

Anderson 1998 – Survey of 461 women (general population) 43% secured sexual acts by verbal coercion; 36.5% by getting a man intoxicated; threat of force – 27.8%, use of force – 20%;  By threatening a man with a weapon – 8.9%.

Anderson, 1999 – 43% of college women admitted to using verbal or physical pressure to obtain sex

Anderson and Aymami (1993) 28.5% of women reported the use of verbal coercion, 14.7% had coerced a man into sexual activity by getting him intoxicated and 7.1% had threatened or used physical force.

Fiebert & Tucci (1998) – 70% of male college students reported experiencing some type of harassment, pressuring, or coercion by a female

Hannon, Kunetz, Van Laar, & Williams (1996) – 10% of surveyed male college students reported experiencing a completed sexual assault perpetrated by a female intimate partner

Hogben, Byrne & Hamburger (1996) Lifetime prevalence of 24% for women having made a man engage in sexual activity against his will.

Krahe, Waizenhofer & Moller (2003) – 9.3% of women reported having used aggressive strategies to coerce a man into sexual activities.  Exploitation of the man’s incapacitated state: 5.6% Verbal pressure: 3.2%. Physical force: 2%. An additional 5.4% reported attempted acts of sexual aggression

Larimer, Lydum, Anderson and Turner (1999) 20.7% of male respondents had been the recipients of unwanted sexual contact in the year prior to the survey. Verbal pressure was experienced by 7.9%, physical force by 0.6% and intoxication through alcohol or drugs by 3.6%.

Muehlenhard and Cook (1988) 23.8% of male respondents had engaged in unwanted sexual activity as a result of threat or physical force, and 26.8% reported unwanted sexual contact as a result of verbal pressure. For unwanted intercourse, the prevalence rates were 6.5% for physical force and 13.4% for verbal pressure.

O’Sullivan, Byers and Finkelman (1998) Overall incidence of 8% of women reporting sexual aggression for the academic year preceding the survey. Intercourse due to use of threat or physical force 0.5%, by use of alcohol or drugs 0.5% and attempted intercourse due to threat or use of physical force also 0.5%. Of male respondents, 18.5% reported having experienced sexual aggression. Specifically, 3.8% reported experiencing unwanted sexual intercourse due to use of alcohol or drugs, and 2.3% reported attempted intercourse due to threat or use of physical force.

Poppen and Segal (1988) 14% of women reported lifetime incident(s) of perpetration (including both verbal coercion and physical assault)

Russell and Oswald (2001) – 18% of women in a college sample reported engaging in sexually coercive behaviors, ranging from verbal threats and pressure to use of physically aggressive tactics.

Russell and Oswald (2002) 44% of college men in their sample reported being subjected to a sexually coercive tactic.

Shea (1988) Women’s reported lifetime prevalence – 19% for verbal coercion; 1.2% reported having physically assaulted a man.

Sisco, Becker, Figueredo, & Sales (2005) – A third of women reported that they had verbally harassed a person or pressured the person into performing a sexual act that the person felt uncomfortable with while roughly one in ten performed a coercive sexual act that would be considered illegal (e.g., sexual acts that involved a person who was unable or unwilling to consent)

Sorensen, Stein, Siegel, Golding and Burnam (1987) Lifetime prevalence rate of 9.4% and an adult prevalence rate of 7.2% for men’s sexual victimization (male self-reports).

Struckman-Johnson (1988) – 2% of 355 female college students reported they had forced sex on a dating partner at least once in their lifetime.

Struckman-Johnson and Struckman-Johnson (1998) – 43% of college men reported experiencing a coercive incident, of which 36% reported unwanted touch and 27% reported being coerced into sexual intercourse.

Where does this research lead us? Most obviously, to the conclusion that female sexual aggression in relationships is far more common than commonly held.

More links to our MacKinnon disciple, Melanie Boyd:

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Melanie Boyd teaches in WGSS when she can, but is primarily housed in the Yale ... In alternate years, she teaches “Theorizing Sexual Violence” for the WGSS ... she has been working on atheoretical analysis of sexual assault prevention ...

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Yale considers launching harassment site - Yale Daily News

Yale Daily News
Apr 22, 2016 - Melanie Boyd, assistant dean of student affairs and director of the office of ... co-founder and co-director of Unite Against Sexual Assault at Yale, .... trust in A. This partially explains why Alinsky's theory of People Power and the ...

Melanie Boyd - Huffington Post

The Huffington Post
Dec 17, 2014 - Melanie Boyd works on ending sexual violence by creating a more positive sexual culture. An academic and activist, she believes in putting feminist theory to ... of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Yale University.

[PDF]Leadership Exchange: Sexual Violence Prevention on ... - President

University of Oregon
standards for campus compliance of Title lX sexual harassment, examining the ..... theory, and their own rich experiences of campus culture for the assignment. ... c'Today, Yale College ... Melanie Boydis assistant dean of student affairs in the.

[PDF]PRESENTATIONS Addressing Sexual Violence Prevention

prevention initiatives are appropriately timed, evidence and theory-based, and address ... Discuss relationship violence, sexual assault, and stalking prevention on campus. ... Melanie Boyd, PhD, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, Yale College.

Yale moves to combat 'historic' sexual misconduct rates | Daily Mail ...
Daily Mail
Mar 24, 2013 - Yale battles 'historic' levels of sexual assault at Ivy League school with campus ...Melanie Boyd, the assistant dean of student affairs, told the ...

Yale's "due process" procedures after anyone is accused:

 An independent attorney is hired as an “impartial fact-finder.” That person interviews both parties and tries to gather “any pertinent documents and interview any relevant witnesses.” The fact-finder has a brief 21 days to complete the work. 

The attorney’s findings are then given to a five-person panel. Within five days a hearing is held. That’s the extent of “trial prep.” Neither party can question the fact-finder directly for clarity or confusion. Written responses to the fact-finder's report aren't allowed. Additional documents or evidence in response to the fact-finder's report aren't allowed. In this case, the “cop” is all-powerful. 

There is no right to discovery. There is no right to know of exculpatory evidence. There is no statute of limitations. There is no right for the defendant to confront his or her accuser. The “complainant and the respondent” do not appear together. 

Each side can speak for just 10 minutes. Neither is allowed to call any witnesses – only the panel can do that and if it does, only the panel can ask them questions. The panel votes via secret ballot. Majority wins. 

No explanation is required.


  1. BTW, a new and scathing indictment of the hostile anti-speech atmosphere fostered by the proponents of Affirmative Consent on campus:

    "Specifically, this report identifies the following areas as threats to the academic freedom essential to teaching and research, extramural speech, and robust faculty governance:

    - The failure to make meaningful distinctions between conduct and speech or otherwise distinguish between hostile environment sexual harassment and sexual assault.

    - The use of overly broad definitions of hostile environment to take punitive employment measures against faculty for protected speech in teaching, research, and extramural speech.

    - The tendency to treat academic discussion of sex and sexuality as contributing to a hostile environment.

    - The adoption of lower evidentiary standards in sexual harassment hearings, i.e. the “preponderance of evidence” instead of the “clear and convincing” standard.

    - The increasing corporatization of the university, which has framed and influenced universities’ implementation of Title IX.

    - The failure to address gender inequality within a broader assessment of its relationship to race, class, sexuality, disability, and other dimensions of social inequalities.

    Melanie, can we hear from you? This is your world. Perhaps you should ask your young minions to tone it down a bit, huh? For the sake of civilized society and for women everywhere suffering from actual sexual assault and intimidation? Your bands of screeching harpies finding "hostile environment" and "consent violations" everywhere they look is making it really hard for the rest of us to be taken seriously.

  2. And this is a must read on this issue :

    By Nancy Gertner

  3. I couldn't agree more, Liz. The kind of absurd affirmative consent hair-splitting that goes on during these college sex hearings more often than not focuses on the alleged perp and alleged victim attempting to affirm or disprove a single act of sex during a whole night of ongoing sex and drinking, and four to six months later in some cases. It's just plain ridiculous.

    The media attention on these cases even now is making it harder for us to be taken seriously, as you say.

  4. Anonymous6:31 PM

    The push for affirmative consent on college campuses is a first step before attempting to roll it out on the general adult population. It failed in the ALI, as you say, but they're not done. Feminist lobbyists and pressure groups will continue to press legislators just like they pushed Jerry Brown for minimum sentencing for college affirmative consent infractions, relabeled acts of sexual violence. It's a part of a power grab under the guise of protecting women.

    If only they could throw the U.S. Constitution out the window then courts would happily condemn any accused who deprived of due process and who can't prove they didn't do something.


      The sex video made by Emma Sulcowicz clearly demonstrates failure to obtain stage-based affirmative consent. The porn actor is a stand-in for her old boyfriend, but if this demonstrates the typical way she has sex with men, it would clearly violate Yale's rules for stage-based AC.

      I count at least seven sexual assaults by Emma Sulcowicz--assuming of course she behaved in similar fashion with her old boyfriend and the recreation is reasonably accurate.

      She didn't attend Yale, however, one wonders if Yale would have pursued action against her based on this video demonstration of her sex life. Or would they have ignored it? After all, it would be difficult to seek action against someone with a NOW Woman of Courage Award.

  5. A Few Notes on Anti-humanist Sex Hating

    The emancipation and empowerment of American women past, present and future does not depend on any socially toxic outgrowths of belief or philosophy stemming from anti-humanist sex haters like Dworkin or Mackinnon ("Male sexuality is apparently activated by violence against women and expresses itself in violence against women.."); but their descendants--grown and nurtured to a nervous hateful mass by social media and women's studies programs that unrelentingly encourage misandry--are not only reaffirming just such philosophy but stepping further to tool and lever it into actual Affirmative Consent laws and rules, creating in effect an endless set of sex violations and stage-based infractions that miraculously never have to be clearly defined by legislation, or even a college manual.

    For these rules and laws to be effective and true to their "ASH agenda" they must of necessity be defined on the fly by the accusers and their faculty team of supporters (pushing for conviction to satisfy the DOJ or lose federal funding), and that's simply because every extended act of sexual behavior between two people possesses its own dynamic, circumstances, and unique form of escalation.

    Real life translation of AC language into a galaxy of potential offensives matched with actual punitive measures by college sex tribunals must therefore remain sculptable, in a state of perpetual morph in order to suit the circumstances of the moment that require the "offender" be found guilty of "sexual violence" relevant to the particular du jour circumstance. Again, see the quote from the American Law Institute in the thread above.

    "Prior Consent" for any single act or sub-act (however that comes to be defined) related to a night or even a long weekend of varied sexual behaviors can quite easily be "withdrawn" months after the fact and thereby ignite the engine of automatic accusation and tribunal prosecution.

    And whose agenda does this serve? Follow the agenda, gals and guys.
    Follow the agenda.


    In case anyone doubts the connection between Melanie Boyd and the ASH bunch:

    "This year’s exciting twist on the perennially crowd-pleasing topic broaches the hitherto unexplored realm collegiate sexuality where not only does “no” mean “no,” but so too do “yes,” “by all means,” “ok,” and “let’s go to it.” We have entered the land of low self-esteem, and something must be done before one more chick afflicted with this terrible malady cheerfully suggests to her boyfriend that they get it on. Because you see, she isn’t really in the mood: it’s her low esteem making that booty call.

    You think I’m making this stuff up? Well, I’m not. See: Beyond Rape Prevention by reporter Allie Grasgreen in June 5’s Inside Higher Ed.

    Allie picks up the story as Melanie Boyd, a scholar on gender issues and assistant dean of student affairs at Yale University, opines

    “It’s important for us to shift our core focus away from targeting just sexual violence to thinking about consensual sex,” Boyd said, “and shift from a strategy of saying, ‘Here’s the problem we must address,’ to fostering ideals.”

    “That separation is not accurate — it’s not accurate to the experience of our students or to the research that we have in the field, and I also don’t think it’s terribly useful,” Boyd said. “Sexual violence is really closely tied to consensual sex.”


      The above is an interesting and realistic look at the prior-consent "education" going on at Yale. It's like anything else involving human nature--complex. But it does note Melanie Boyd training sessions being the standard party line theme.

  7. Lid blown off the serial rapist myth--the study is a hoax!

    Reason.Com does it again.


      Above is a viewpoint by a Yale feminist. Overall, I like it, but when we get to the very end she dissolves into the party line "rape culture" and patriarchy blah blah we are all sick and tired of hearing.

      If you read what she says about the very few males expelled from Yale for serious sexual offenses (2 per year?), it appears to contradict feminist claims of rape culture. It can't be at Yale because such a tiny fraction of males punished is indicative of a non-rape culture. Wouldn't we expect a large number of prosecuted rapes at Yale if Yale itself existed in a so-called rape culture? Yes? No?


    Watch the video above. These are the wealthy and privileged student specialists in sexual misconduct. Perhaps they've been directly trained and supported by Melanie Boyd, and others at Yale. It's their job to usher the accuser to a hopeful victory while violating as few due process rights as possible.

    The University Wide Committee is their sexual misconduct tribunal--not a sex crime tribunal as such since college "sex crime" isn't officially a crime, right Liz?

    Look at these people. Listen to them. Observe their self-righteousness, or am I reading it simply because they're ridiculously wealthy and privileged? I admit some disdain for them. I can't help it.

  9. Normal Sex Activist2:32 PM

    Billing herself as a "Sexual Culture Activist." Only an entitled Ivy type would have the nerve to bill herself in such a manner.