Karl Rove Snubs Congress and Refuses To Show - When Will This Bush Pig Be Arrested?

Karl Rove must be arrested to maintain at least a semblance of democracy! Proving his guilt by defying Congress, he has refused to show and testify on the DOJ firing of federal prosecutors. According to sources, a placard with his name sat in front of an empty chair while protesters in the room demanded his arrest. House Republicans, supporting his snub, blamed Democrats for not taking Rove up on an offer to discuss the matter informally.

What will the House Republicans do next? Suspend the Constitution for the benefit of Karl Rove?

This is outrage upon outrage! Almost as bad as the Bush White House pretending that Congress cannot compel their people to testify. This is truly a government way out of control ... Well, yeah, you tell me? I say this is a new form of intolerable impotence. If I could, I would form a posse and put Rove under citizen's arrest and let the Republican devils arrest me for performing my patriotic duty.

So I got passion? Sure, so shoot me.

We need to stop taking it up the ARSE!!!

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