Obama The Flip-Flopper Defines My Politics and Vision for America

Obama's pro-NAFTA (death to unions!), pro-gun (flip-flop on D.C. gun control), pro-Church subsidies (doing his part to weaken our foundation of church-and-state separation), pro-BIG-Money donations (flip-flop on promise to accept public funding--influenced no doubt by Hillary's corporate bundlers?), and so forth, have effectively cemented my argument to liberals and conservatives that a vote for either major party is a vote wasted.

Yes, that's right!

If you vote for Obama or McCain, you are simply throwing your vote away, and more, you are making yourself an accessory to their fraud and sociopathology, and thus doing your part to wreck your nation.

So what is to be done, you ask?

Citizen activism, organization, and working towards the creation of a new political party. Meanwhile, vote independent, even if the candidate is Ralph Nader. At least you won't have a charlatan working for the corporation instead of the nation. You might not even like Nader, but he's telling you what he really believes.

Wake up, America. You might actually send a message to the CEOs that you are mad as hell and won't take it anymore.

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