When Will She Stop Throwing Knives at Me, or IS DOMESTIC VIOLENCE A GENDER ISSUE, OR A HUMAN ISSUE? McNeely, Cook, and Torres Speak Out.

This issue is almost old to valid observers of domestic violence, but to everyone else (except for second wave feminists who make their living bashing half the human race), the truth contained in this study by McNeely, Cook, and Torres comes as a shocker.

As the study puts it, "These findings were, and are, stunning to casual observers of the domestic violence phenomenon. This is because people have difficulty with the notion of women inflicting injuries on men because men, on average, are larger, stronger, and more adept at fighting. But the average man's size and strength are neutralized by guns and knives, boiling water, fireplace pokers, bricks, and baseball bats. Many fail to realize that domestic assaults do not involve pugilistic fair play, or to consider that attacks occur when males are asleep, or incapacitated by alcohol, age, or infirmities."

If you want a true picture of domestic violence, you should have the courage to review these studies and their methodology.

However, if you firmly buy into the notion that men alone are responsible for the vast majority of domestic violence, then skip this study and go pick up the latest issue of Ms. magazine.

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