More Hypocrisy From The Messiah Force? Obama Appoints Top Defense Lobbyist William Lynn to Powerful Number Two at Pentagon!

First Ron Klain, then others, and now the biggest face slap of all: William Lynn, the supreme darling lobbyist of none other than top defense contractor RAYTHEON appointed to be number two man at the Defense Department--easily one of the most powerful jobs in Washington.

According to White House spokesman Robert Gibbs: "Reasonable exceptions" granted for "uniquely qualified individuals."

Oh, this macho prick of Obama's holy world of can-do-no-wrong is certainly qualified! How much more ANIMAL FARM can we get guys and gals? Well, let's see. Brace yourselves, Obama-loving followers of the holy temple. According to Huffington Post:

Raytheon is no mom-and-pop defense contractor shop. It is the type of industry behemoth that protesters of the Iraq invasion bemoaned for profiting off of the war and encouraging militarization. And as the man who led "the company's strategic planning and [oversaw] the government relations activity," Lynn was intimately involved.

A former employee of DFI International -- a D.C. consulting firm -- Lynn joined Raytheon in August 2002 and was elected an officer in May 2005. The firm and its subsidiaries are a major force on Capitol Hill, having spent more than $14.5 million on federal lobbying activities during the six years Lynn was working there, according to a review of lobbying records. Raytheon worked to lobby the House, Senate, DARPA, Defense Department, Energy Department, Treasury Department, State Department, and others on issues ranging from long-range guided munitions, sea based missile defense and joint standoff weapon systems.

The government outreach efforts seemed to pay dividends. Raytheon Company received more than $54 billion in contracts from the federal government during that time period, according to, a project of OMB Watch.

If this appointment of the lobbyist's lobbyist, William Lynn, doesn't prove that Obama and his apostles in the White House are as close to frauds as you can get, I don't know what does.

You go by the rules, even when it gets tough, or they count for nothing!

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