While the Crowds Swoon Over Obama's Speech, I Can't Help But Look For the Change. What change? What's the Plan?

Has America as a whole become so accustomed to misinformation, bullshit, and hypocrisy that it becomes blind when its brand new "leader for change" creates an enormous act of BS hypocrisy right before their very eyes? How about more than one? So where is the change?

Is Obama really a human being, or an alien with the power to suck minds free of all reason? For God sakes, I know intelligent people who are Obama hajj-ing at this moment, even if they're not in D.C. In dreams, they pilgrimage to the gaudy shrine of Obama, but the rebound marriage of America to Mr. Obama appears headed for divorce within two years at most. That is my prediction.

So let's deal with facts. He swoops around the country decrying the FEAR politics of the past, encouraging HOPE, but even before he becomes president, he opts to keep the Homeland Security agency, the bureaucratic infrastructure of red-level fear designed by the Bush administration to not only spike the loose cannons in FBI and CIA (to make certain they bowed and scraped to Bush), but to keep Americans in a constant state of anxiety. Why doesn't Obama eradicate this toxic animal? Why? Why? He's smart enough to know the true nature of it. Why is he keeping this horrid relic of the Bush years (along with Gates at DOD!)? Where is the change? What is the change?

Not many months ago he told Christian churches he would continue subsidizing them, and even give them more money. Where is the change? What is the change?

On the campaign trail, Obama was anti war, but what is the plan to get us out of Iraq? It's iffy and nebulous, susceptible to vacillation at a moment's notice. Where is the change? What is the change? Why isn't Obama decrying our bogus war with Iraq? He's way way too quiet on the subject. As we all know, I'm in favor of prosecuting Bush and Cheney for murder. Obama hangs out with the sociopath Bush and they grin and slap backs like old war buddies. It's enough to make me hurl! Is this the kind of government we want? Is this let-bygones-be-bygones attitude by Obama towards the nation-killing, Treasury-sucking, war mongering, world polluting George Bush Jr., the kind of attitude we wish Americans to adopt going forward?
If you don't pay all your taxes, you are punished by the government. But if the president goes on a sociopathic killing and looting spree, along with his train of pirates, the country does nothing? It only elects a man who will act cozy with its greatest enemy?

I hate politics as usual.

America awake! Write Obama, picket the White House, demand an end to the war, the prosecution of Bush, an end to pork barrel bailouts by Democrats in Congress, Evangelical subsidies, and especially, an end to hypocrisy in all its forms!

Have I forgotten anything? I'm sure. But I'll come back with more.

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  1. And one more thing.

    Obama wants change in Washington, but he appoints old insider hacks from the Bush and Clinton administrations--the dumbest being Leon Panetta to CIA. It's almost laughable.

    Then we have pro insider lobbyists like Ron Klain being appointed to top positions.

    All business as usual. If Obama wanted change he would have appointed a totally different group, not the customary Washington go-with-the-flowers.

    What change?