What's Wrong with Chris Matthews? "Bad form," he says. Why Does He Deny Americans the Right to Demonstrate Their Loathing of Bush?

"Bad form!" Chris Matthews says in the background as you watch the video below, as you watch Bush come before his fellow Americans at the Obama inauguration. And again, "Bad form." Matthews is getting angrier by the moment, or at least, more sanctimonious. Another announcer can be heard expressing his surprise.

What planet do these talking heads live on? Is this yet another example of our darling media being divorced from reality, and more importantly, from the mainstream feelings of most of America?

So it's the inauguration? What of it? George Bush so devastated this country in so many ways that he's lucky to leave alive. In other countries they would have stormed the White House and executed him. How can we not respond to the vision and presence of the sociopath Bush with contempt and loathing?

Unlike the sanctimonious Chris Matthews who cries Bad Form, I think it a sign of incredible restraint that the open hatred of Bush did not take on a more violent and enduring tone. It should have!

Congrats to the Americans who had the nerve to boo at Bush. Thank you all!

And BAD FORM, Chris!

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