CNN Fear Mongering Again

Taking a script right from Fox News, CNN is trying to boost ratings again by making us think a terrorist is behind every bush. Where there isn't any news, they manufacture it, keeping the fear level as high as possible. Just recently they ran a story during morning prime time, the lead telling us that the government is warning us that terrorists might be making "dry runs" through airports to test strategies for future attacks against America. From the TSA press releases, the CNN marketing jabberwocks pulled a story about strange packages pulled from passenger carry-on bags. According to the CNN website: "Police across the country should be on the lookout for what could be "dry runs" for a terrorist attack, the Transportation Security Administration advised after series of suspicious incidents occurred at U.S. airports. Blocks of cheese were found in a bag with a coil of wire and tubes, the TSA said. An unclassified advisory, sent July 20 from TSA to law enforcement agencies, raised the possibility that recent activity could be "pre-attack security probes. CNN obtained the advisory from a government source."

So after smartly creating a story designed to scare the crapola out of any poor and impressionable creature who might be flying any time soon, CNN anchors deliver the small print at the bottom of the page. Their new mediagenic female states, "However, TSA has informed us that none of the suspicious packages were linked to terrorists." In other words, THE STORY IS ALL HYPE AND INVENTION BY CNN AND TSA. There are NO terrorists making dry runs. These were not, repeat not pre-attack security probes. These people were all law-abiding American citizens. Shades of WMD! ... So what else is new? I'm just so sick of the endless fear mongering.

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