Talk of Cage on Web del Sol

Michael Neff of Web del Sol recently interviewed film producer and agent, Barbara Zitwer, on his new net-radio show, THE SOLWAVE. The interview twists and mazes around to finally come to rest on facts about Nicolas Cage and his eccentric nature. More importantly though, it reminds me of my love for the black comedy, Vampire's Kiss, a film that even to this day has been seen by relatively few people, and yet it must rank as one of the most obscure film wonders of all time. Nicolas Cage plays Peter Loew, a bullying literary editor who hooks up with Jennifer Beals. In due course, she sucks a few pints out of him, and continues to suck, and as time goes forward, he feels increasingly hostile, aroused, and nutbaggy. Soon enough, it dawns on Peter that he was bitten by a vampire, so he goes out and buys a set of real fangs. Cage's performance in the film is fantastic and it's still one of my favorites next to Raising Arizona. As many have pointed out, his performance in Vampire's Kiss dwarfs everything else he's ever done.
Congrats also to Barbara Zitwer for bringing this great film to the planet Earth. Thank you and lots of kisses to you.
My recommendation is to order from NetFlix cause most video rental joints will no longer have a copy of this superb film. If you like comedy, clever story, and Nick Cage, you will ADORE this movie!


  1. Thanks so much for loving my film! Write to MGM and maybe we can get them to release the film on a big screen - they own the rights. You might be interested to know that Lypsinka was cast in her first role, David Hype Pierce appears in it and Dennis Quaid was the first actor cast as Peter Lowe. After he passed, we ended up with Judd Nelson, who thankfully --very thankfully dumped us for the TV movie - the Billionaire Boy's Club. That allowed Nicolas to be immortalized eacting cockroaches as a wannabee vampire!

    I'd love to hear from you out there!

    Warm regards,
    Barbara Zitwer

  2. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Thanks so much - it's Barbara Zitwer here! Thrilled that my talk brought back Vampire's Kiss to you. I'd love to see it released on a big screen - maybe if everyone emails or calls MGM who owns the print of the film they will release it for a limited run.

    A few other fun facts that you might not know or rememeber:

    1. Lypsinka was cast in her first role in the film - do you recall who she was?

    2. David Hyde Pierce made an appearance too.

    3. Dennis Quaid was the first actor to be cast in the Nic Cage and turned it down to do INNERSPACE and then