Last Three of Norfolk Four Finally Released - Attorney General Bill Mims Still Pretends Like They Are Guilty

In one of the most atrocious cases of police misconduct and prosecutorial arrogance, four men were wrongly convicted in 1997 of a murder rape in Norfolk, VA. Because they did not have wealthy parents (like the Duke lacross players), the public and the press have generally ignored them. Who cares, right? They probably had it coming? No way.

You can follow more details about the case out on Google and here. Basically, these guys were falsely accused and subjected to incredible police torture and deprivations until they confessed to a crime they didn't commit. Unfortunately for the VA Attorney General's office, the real culprit was caught, and not only confessed but proclaimed none of the Norfolk four were present. Also, only the real culprit's DNA was found on the scene.

The Norfolk Four were so incredibly innocent that two dozen ex-FBI agents in the Richmond area signed a petition and sent it to Governor Kaine asking for full pardons, because their own investigations proved the men were in no way responsible, but only railroaded by the cops then tortured into confessions. The shamefulness of the crime against them goes unpunished till this day.

In an act of cowardice, Governor Kaine "conditionally" pardoned the Norfolk Four only days ago, but this means they are still treated like ex-cons, made to answer to a Parole Board, and so forth. They will never have normal lives without a real pardon. Kaine has assured them a living death not much better than prison.

But since when does a politician these days have any real courage, I ask you? Well, I guess even a coward like Kaine has more stomach than Attorney General Bill Mims who said in response to the release:

The Office of the Attorney General has represented the interests of the commonwealth and sought justice, as we are bound to do by law, and vigorously defended the multiple convictions of these individuals.

I don't even think Nifong admitted he was wrong about the Duke lacross players. So what does it prove? That guys like Nifong and Mims, who preside over the unjust prosecution of innocent people, will never admit they are wrong. They can't admit it. They won't.

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