Obama Vs. Freedom of Speech - White House Attorneys Karen Dunn and Ian Bassin Attempt to Censor PCRM Posters in Union Station

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
(PCRM), in a laudable and smart effort to help encourage legislation that will/might actually get junk food out of schools and usher in a new era of nutritious food (God help us all! Is it possible, what with the bribes junk food corps give county school systems? ... Oh, there she goes again!), placed huge posters in Union Station in D.C. with poster children saying:


Good question? Are healthy school lunches only for the elite in wealthy prep schools while mainstream kids are lured more and more into unchecked obesity?

I hope not. Regardless, no sooner did the posters go up than Neal Barnard, President of PCRM, was contacted by White House attorneys Karen Dunn (Associate Counsel) and Ian Bassin (Deputy Associate) who wanted Barnard to remove the posters because the "president's children are off limits." Now, this does smell like an effort by White House subordinates to curry favor by drumming up a non-issue and playing crusader rabbit to impress Barrack and Michelle.

Is that so Karen? Ian? Or are you under orders from Michelle? ... And by the way, do you support the Bill of Rights?

Nevertheless, Karen Dunn and Ian Bassin are employees of Obama and therefore Obama is answerable for their actions, and right now his employees are acting very much like the lackeys of any dictator, such as Castro e.g., who do not wish to be criticized or look unfavorable in any manner that can be avoided or negated via the use of force, i.e., if White House legal muscle can intimidate Neal Barnard into removing the offending speech, so much the better. And besides, how dare this Barnard practice free speech and reveal that Obama's daughters get elite treatment and that most of American children do not! But wait, I thought the Obamas were democrats ... uhhhhhh.

No doubt the heat on Barnard will increase, but I sincerely applaud his efforts to resist the White House pressure despite various wags predicting hateful retaliation by Obama (see original Post article in paper).

If Neal Barnard is pissing off the Obama White House, I could not be happier. And I have a message for all White House employees: your boss is slowly murdering your country, in a manner as reckless and sociopathic as George Bush Jr. Why participate in the wreck of your nation?

God speed.


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    White House associate counsel Karen Dunn and deputy associate Counsel Ian Bassin called Barnard and asked his group to take down the ads because they mention the Obama daughters.
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  3. Anonymous12:58 AM

    Obama's daughters’ are not immune from criticism. Surprise, Surprise; anyone in the public eye (and yes, even those who are not) are subjected to such! Take, for example, Paris Hilton; stupid, I know, but she’s been called everything in the book; or say, Madonna and Angelina for adopting orphans for Christ’s sake (do you not think their “children” are subjected to condemnation simply by being present during such statements). Sarah Palin, too, might have something to say on the issue. Look, I can go on and on listing various people of various ethnic groups and various social standing who are subjected to such criticism; but that would be a waste of time. By the way, I chose those examples for all you laymen out there; such as the person who wrote, “White House associate “counsel” Karen Dunn and deputy associate Counsel Ian Bassin called Barnard and asked his group to take down the ads because they mention the Obama daughters.” Hello! Did you not read the article? Perhaps you should read it again. Before you starting thinking, “this damn republican,” know this. I am NOT a republican, nor democratic, nor would I ever consider being a whiney liberal! I am a patriot, heart and soul, no more, no less. It saddens, and aggravates me to see what this nation is becoming. I for one had high hopes about President Obama; and was deeply honored to witness, in my life-time, a man of color take a seat in which should be the most honorable, noble position in the country. Think on this: If President Obama is that concerned about the overall health of this nation, why would he not support those who support healthier choices for our children? No matter their status. This is my opinion, and I have every God given right to it! All naysayers of free speech be damned! I’m getting ill. Oh, and I thought we used to fight communism!