Xu Zhiyong Jailed by Chinese Tyrants

True to form, the tyrants of China have again jailed, in Kafkaesque fashion, a human being who routinely tries to genuinely help the downtrodden--unlike the Chinese government that maintains the manufacture of the downtrodden. This time it is Xu Zhiyong, a prominent rights defender and legal scholar who has represented migrants, death row inmates, and even the parents of babies poisoned by toxic food.

He was stolen in the night for "tax evasion" but in reality because he pissed off the Communist leadership by showing them up for the frauds they are. And how? By trying to get them to live by their own laws. And he is not the only one. Other legal spokespeople for the common good have been jailed and beaten by the government, including Gao Zhisheng, and Chen Guangcheng, a blind man.

And this is a country that we continue to coddle, ignoring their extreme abuses and tyrannical bullying.

Well, Obama wouldn't even punish the Bush era officials who committed crimes. Why should he rock the Chinese boat? After all, they do spread lots of green around D.C., rather like the Saudis.

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