Madness: Kenneth Feinberg, Obama's "Pay Czar" Pretending to Work For The Public Good by Begging Wall Street Banks To Stop Giving Pay Bonuses

In a farce likely to not raise eyebrows among America's mainstream sheeple (people plus sheep--in case you forgot), Kenneth Feinberg--Obama's Jewish guy in charge of "pay" in the context of Obama's growing-more-absurd-by-the-day bailouts of multibillion corporations that never needed the money to begin with--has been trotting to the plush corporate offices of the absurdly wealthy in an alleged attempt to get them to please? please? please? discontinue their biz as usual of taking American tax dollars and using them to bail out hundreds of needy and utterly deserving Wall Street executives and others with billions in bonuses (to attract and keep top talent, of course).

What? you ask. Are you kidding, Liz?

Come on! READ the Wall Street Journal, or the Post, or some source that at least approaches the terrible truth of the fiasco of American government and the relentless looting of the treasury and America's future.

I am so sick of you Obama-philes and your endless sucking up to an illusion that has already betrayed us again and again. You are no better than the demented Bushies of Texas, esp in the old days. Please WAKE UP and protest the selling of your future and the coming of 60% tax rates that will be needed sooner or later to pay for all this corporate looting!

Anyway, back to Kenneth Feinberg ... He has met privately with execs at the offending companies, "urged them" to "rework" guarantees for big earners. Who are we kidding? These people are stealing from us because they are bold enough to do so and because they know OBAMA IS ON THEIR SIDE AND THERE WILL BE NO REAL REPERCUSSIONS!

Think I am just big capping here because I am possessed or hysterical or both? No. Again, look at the facts. For example, those thieving bastards, the Bank of America (their HQ in D.C. located directly across from the Treasury Building--what a coincidence!), got tens of billions in bailout from Obama (yes, Bush gave birth but Obama baptized the crime) and what did they do with the ill-gotten gains? They bought Merrill Lynch and gave the ML execs OVER FIVE BILLION in bonuses. And illegally at that, against SEC rules. And what punishment did they get? They didn't have to admit anything, and they paid a $33 million wrist slap fine ... Arguably, with our money. Don't believe it? Research the facts, buckos!

This madness is beyond madness. One criminal group after another pirating billions and billions and more billions from America's coffers right under the nose of Mr. Change himself, Barrack Obama, and while we are fighting two ruinous wars and suffering a deficit nearing two trillion.

Madness, madness!!!

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