Ding Dong, The Prince of Darkness is Dead - Robert Novak To Burn in Hell

Okay, you guys, now's your chance to call me a meanie witch for taking such a caustic view towards the death of Robert Novak, but I have to be honest, he should have died much sooner. When I think of all the lies, damage, and toxic spray of intentional disinformation put out by this evil wizard, I can't help but be wishful. Late in his career he outed Valerie Plame for being a CIA agent, and thus assisted Karl Rove in his retaliation against her husband.

This despicable act alone brands Novak as one of THE most heartless, unethical, and yes, un-American jerkweeds to have ever lived and lied.

Good riddance. Let his "friends" and Republicans belch forth with as much BS praise as they wish. It's all BS after all, just like the phony attacks of indignation he forced us to frequently suffer.

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  1. I'm not about to take up your challenge and call you a meanie. There's no such thing as bad manners when it comes to denouncing bad people. Although I acknowledge that his family lost someone they loved, the fact remains that the world merely lost someone who did it no good.